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Crimson Trace – Heavy Recoil Optic

Crimson Trace has released their Heavy Recoil Optic.

Featuring a 2 MOA red dot, this new optic is designed to take the recoil of .30 weapons. They claim a 50,000 battery life it relies on their CT motion sensor for auto on and will auto shutdown after eight hours on. Constructed with an 6061 aluminum body, it’s also IPX7 rated.


3 Responses to “Crimson Trace – Heavy Recoil Optic”

  1. Baldwin says:

    8.5 ounces? A half pound red dot???

    • DangerMouse says:

      WIth all due respect, sir. That’s lighter than an EOTech, Romeo 8T, probably the Leupold LCO (from what I remember it’s around 10oz), I want to say the 30mm Aimpoints with mount also are up in that range as well.

      • Baldwin says:

        I hear ya but…it’s just a dot. “Heavy recoil” notwithstanding, it could have and should have been much lighter.