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McRae Is Bringing The Jungle Boot Back

In November McRae will relaunch the OD Green paneled Jungle Boot (model 7189) produced with the original Panama tread. There’s one update; speed laces like in the early 90s model.

McRae starting making these boots in 1967. The 7189 is made 100% in the USA, features a 1 year warranty and will be available for purchase in November at

16 Responses to “McRae Is Bringing The Jungle Boot Back”

  1. roy says:

    These are truly outstanding. I’ve had a pair of these for several years and the soles handle mud better than any other boot I have ever tried or owned. Mud is evil – it is both sticky and slippery at the same time. A real “jungle” is truly brutal to all gear and most of what I see these days as wet weather or jungle boots would not do well for a long term usage in a true jungle.

    If McRrae ever made this boot and substituted OD Green cordura or Coyote cordura, I would purchase immediately.

    McRrae is a company well deserving of support.

  2. Mark says:

    I have a pair of these boots, and I love them.

    Sizing, for me, was standard military boot: one size smaller than my shoe size.

    The boots were initially loose, but I think this is intentional, due to the cotton fabric uppers.

    They quickly shrank down to a proper fit, with water and wear.

  3. MattF says:

    They just need to include the Saran insoles!

  4. brian says:

    What I never find is a quality boot with both a Panamá sole and a side zipper. Pl

    • Judah says:

      Probably because any real quality boot will not have a side zipper. Worst idea ever for serious work/weight.

      • JH says:

        Sidezips are find for traipsing around the streets. But, I’ve seen so many failures, malfunctions, and injuries from sidezips.

  5. Oh man I cannot wait to replace the pair I used to have.

  6. John says:

    $171.95 – Good luck! That is a crazy price for jungle boots!

  7. Huck says:

    The original name boot was Vibrant soled

    • Bob says:

      The OG Vietnam jungle boots had a Vibram sole, but it was replaced by the superior Panama sole.

  8. Jon vegas says:

    Really good boots but way over priced….120 dollars more then a year and a half ago

  9. William Minton says:

    I like the addition of speed lacing. They should also consider a high-top version like I saw in the 90s. The 8″ upper is a bit low

  10. BushrangerCZ says:

    Best design for hot weather boot ever… not like suede/nubuk leather stuff we see today paraded as “jungle boot”. But the price? C’mon McRae, you want to sell to soldiers or just some rich wannabes?