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Polaris Government & Defense – MRZR Alpha Arctic Cab and Track

Polaris Defense & Government continues to show how versatile the MRZR Alpha is with their AUSA exhibit featuring the Arctic Cab.

Developed for the US Special Operations Command and Marine Corps, the new cab enclosure is part of an Arctic Mobility kit that also features a track system to replace the wheels. Originally designed for enhanced Arctic and tundra mobility, the interchangeable elements of the cab enclosure and track kit can be mixed and matched for mission flexibility.

The cab helps protect occupants from weather conditions and environmental elements. The doors and upper window panels can be removed and the integrated front windshield features a wiper and spray bottle. There is a heat and defrost capability. Additionally, every component of the cab kit can be painted.

The track conversion kit replaces each wheel with a separate track assembly, providing off-road, all-terrain maneuver capability over snow, soft soil and mixed terrain.

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