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Fjällräven – Expedition Down Knickers

Fjällräven’s Expedition Down Knickers are insulated shorts. You’ll find that if you’re active, you don’t need full-length insulated pants so these are a good option, particularly if you’ve got to carry everything with you.

Currently, available in sizes XS-XXL in Basalt (shown) and UN Blue (no kidding, that’s the name).

4 Responses to “Fjällräven – Expedition Down Knickers”

  1. Big Red One - Ramadi OIF II says:

    These may only be applicable to Vikings… idk

  2. regg says:

    Nope. Most fjallravn is made in China. Go ahead and fund their rise if you like, but don’t run around like you’re a US patriot when you are simply a US hypocrite. If this site was awash with personnel, I would expect manufacturing origin to be included in every gear article&review. (As it stands, I believe the site is run largely by one hard-working individual who understandably does not have the time to do this.)

  3. Ex Coelis says:

    @Regg – lighten up a bit. Big Red One made a joke about..vikings wearing down knickers. And while I’m not a mind-reader, I’m reasonably certain Big Red One wasn’t even close to thinking about Chinese vikings. Awash with personnel..? Dude, go grab a couple of scoops of some good ‘ol fashioned American ice cream and just chill out, will ya?! Damn..

  4. Ex Coelis says:

    A pair of these knickers, worn with a decent set of gore-tex gaiters etc. Man, you’d be all set!