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Kälin Concepts – RapidMag Belt Combo

The Kälin Concepts RapidMag Belt Combo is now available for Battle Rifles and AKs along with a 5.56 version.

Magazine retention is accomplished via elastic and slip-not material. It’s available in Right or Left hand versions with Belt or MOLLE mounts in a wide variety of colors.


4 Responses to “Kälin Concepts – RapidMag Belt Combo”

  1. Burdy says:

    What’s the advantage over be Essetac?

    • Joey Johnson says:

      My question too. Also what is the difference between them and the tacial Taylor pistol mag pouch with a neodymium magnet to put a empty metal mag to.

    • Yawnz says:

      Availability. This is all produced in Switzerland. Esstac and TT are in the US. Should be obvious.

    • Joe_K says:

      1. It’s lighter.
      2. It’s a different option.
      3. It doesn’t use kydex.
      4. What Yawnz said.