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MWW 22 – R-12 Neuro Protection

R-12 was founded by Daniel F. Saad, MD, a board-certified surgeon who is also a South Carolina State Constable to offer a soft cap with 360 degree armor protection from NIJ Level IIIA threats.

Weighing between 10-12 oz, R-12 ballistic headwear is available in three models: The Patrol which is a military Patrol Cap, the Halo which is a ball cap and the Oscie which is not shown but may be worn other soft caps or shemaghs to provide ballistic protection to the head.

3 Responses to “MWW 22 – R-12 Neuro Protection”

  1. EC says:

    A direct quote:

    “R-12 Industries is committed to protecting those who serve others in the law enforcement, security, and military communities. It is our intent to give these individuals a tactical advantage against threats. Thus, per our company policy, R-12 does not make its ballistic products available for purchase by general public.”

    • Doe says:

      5$ says they don’t want people on Youtube testing the BFD of these. They say they match the performance of hard helmets but I don’t believe that at all if you consider the behind armor injuries of soft body armor vs hard.

  2. Doc Seabright says:

    The general public- they’re on their own.