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82nd Airborne Division’s Airborne Innovation Lab

The 82nd Airborne Division has established an Airborne Innovation Lab as a no-reservation-required makerspace to learn, research, innovate, build, and explore new ideas to solve tactical problems. However, the AIL also offers classes on how to use its various equipment.

Located in Bldg. 3-2102 on Long Street, the lab boasts the following capabilities:

Digital Fabrication: 3D printers, 3D scanner, and workstations with Fusion360

Woodshop: CNC milling, laser cutting/etching, and other woodshop machinery/tools

Workshop: Robotics kits, soldering stations, electronics workstations with tools and components

Textile Station: Sewing machines, plotter cutter, heat-transfer vinyl, ironing station

Design Thinking and Collaboration: Space for facilitating design thinking workshops and project collaboration

The lab supports all of Fort Bragg, not just the All American Division. In fact, a Communications Sergeant from 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) recently used the AIL to create new landing feet for a sUAS which interface with Weapon Holster adapters allowing Soldiers to easier access to the drone.

As projects are created by Soldiers in the AIL, the files are distributed to other Design, Innovation, Research, and Technology (DIRT) Labs across the Army and printed, providing the capability of these new prototypes to Soldiers across the country.

Other projects that have been shared across different DIRT Labs include breach-lane markers, chem light holsters, and Raven propellers.

In addition to visiting the lab you can submit your ideas here.

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