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Poster #9 – Co-Axial Optical Detection for Crew-Served Weapons

This is the ninth(!) installment of a multi-week effort to share examples of posters which were presented during September’s Future Force Capabilities Conference presented by the National Defense Industrial Association in Austin, Texas.

I’ll let it speak for itself and contact info is on the poster.

4 Responses to “Poster #9 – Co-Axial Optical Detection for Crew-Served Weapons”

  1. G3SM says:

    Yikes. I’ve been wondering about this capability for a few years…

    Ps. is it weird that they capitalized the first letter of every word?

    • James says:

      First integrated small system I’ve seen proposed for it. John West suggested some mitigation tactics for them like target overload. Who knows though, irons might make a come back. Lol

      • Adamn says:

        Irons or a red dot with closed front lens cap. Just like first red dot sights – no see through.

    • Adamn says:

      Yes it is weird. Seems like they want to mess with our minds.

      Very interesting equipment. I’d be a little worried about glare from the screen at night, but other than that it’s awesome if it works. Wonder what’s the detection range.