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More Finnish M05 Snow Camo Goodness

Jari of Varusteleka shared this image of his gear in his native land’s M95 Snow camouflage pattern.

Gear for winter larping starts to be pretty squared away!

The possibility of having proper load-bearing equipment in Finnish M05 snow camo is a pretty cool option to have. You never know when snow needs to start speaking Finnish.

The project started from a typical crazy idea that it would be cool to have Finnish M05 snow camo gear. After several hurdles in making this real, products are out in the wild just in time for the season. One might ask, does it make sense to have LBE in snow camo? That is a valid point, and it depends on your operating area. It might be questionable in southern Finland, but it might make perfect sense up in the north.

I could not help myself and decided to go all in with these gems. I bought a basic set to have set up for recon and direct action type of stuff. Chestrigh, with three magazine/multipurpose pouches and two general-purpose pouches, provides pretty good coverage on everything I need to carry. A plate carrier with three mag placard, one open-top pouch, and two general-purpose pouches will most likely cover needs. And if needed, I can circulate pouches between these two. CP15 was the apparent choice for a backpack because it has more volume, which you will need during the winter due to warm clothing and thermos.

Unfortunately, we did not have a belt setup in M05 snow camo, so I did a quick rattle can job over one belt I had lying around. It turned out great.

Gear is ready, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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