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“After The Big One: Nuclear War On The Prairies”

Produced in 1983 for Canadian television, “After The Big One: Nuclear War On The Prairies” looks at the consequences of a nuclear attack for the Canadian Prairies. The Prairies are singled out because of their proximity to huge stockpiles of intercontinental ballistic missiles located in North Dakota. Scenes include a visit to a missile base and to an emergency government bunker in Manitoba. A doctor, a farmer and a civil defence coordinator provide different perspectives on nuclear war. Although the film focuses on one region, it provides a model for people everywhere who would like to know more about their own situation but don’t know what questions to ask.

2 Responses to ““After The Big One: Nuclear War On The Prairies””

  1. Ex Coelis says:

    Also remember a 1978 PBS show ‘In the Event of Catastrophe’


  2. Joe_K says:

    Ahh yes, because the communists running the telecommunications and media companies controlling the narrative would never lie to their captive audience about health and security issues now would they?