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New from SUPPRESSORTOOLS.COM! The Number 10TK Socket!

This one-piece all-in-one tool for all Rugged suppressor models has everything their “Totem” kit has plus it works with any 1/2″ square socket drive. It also fits into their square plastic tube packaging system.

TK stands for “Total Kit” and this thing delivers. See the lettered picture for the lettered spanner diagram:

A – 9MM and 45ACP 3-Lug Mounts

B – Obsidian Front Cap/1/2″ Square Socket Drive

C – Obsidian Piston Retainer and Direct Thread mounts

D – Oculus Front Cap

E – Rifle Suppressor Front Cap (Larger Six-Pointed Feature)

F – Flash Hider Front Cap – 5.56mm and 7.62mm (Three-Section Cutout)

There is also a “Dummy Cord” loop for a lanyard.

Just like the “Totem,” the 10TK’s price is $50 without numerous small pieces to lose or small print that older eyes can’t easily read. It’s just one solid piece that’s always ready.

These are 3D printed from a high temperature nylon blended with 25% carbon fiber – the highest percentage available on the market. You won’t believe how far additive manufacturing materials technology has come. We’re always taking our products to the next level and in this case we actually skipped beyond that.

These are made to order, so please allow a day or two for manufacturing.


We’re always innovating and coming up with new items. We also do custom tool design and manufacturing. What do you need to have developed? We can make it happen at SUPPRESSORTOOLS.COM!

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