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Black Hills Designs – Range-R Card

Similar in function to the world famous PSO BDC reticle used on Combloc weaponry, the Range-R card is a completely passive signature solution.

Bite the end of the precisely 18” draw string and extend in front of sightline until tight. Shift target within its specific targeting pattern until it touches top and bottom of the curve. Now, you have your range.

The card is graduated in meters, but has a direct conversion to yards in the center for quick translation.

Range-R card gives off NO thermal, IR, or SWIR signature. With a bombproof design and small foot print, add your ranger card to your gear today.

$20 shipped per card. To order, send a DM via their IG account.

Any quantity available as well as a .mil discount

Cyrilic avaliable

16 Responses to “Black Hills Designs – Range-R Card”

  1. Burdy says:

    How about one with an 18″ and 12″ square or similar for using standardized torso targets?

    • Frank Plumb says:

      It exists in my reticle. Steiner/ Atibal/ ZCO have variants and licenses.

    • Frank Plumb says:

      it exists in my patented reticle. Steiner/ Atibal/ and ZCO all have licenses and products landing soon.

  2. Joe R. says:


    How to reach these people?

  3. Buck says:

    We tried working on a small 12in x 12in square but found it was too hard to use at any important distance
    However all of the stadia on the ranger card have a multi use with the height marking above can be refrenced to any other object of that height , for example the ranch fence is 1m exactly so if you have any other objects ?1m that is a standin for those

  4. Nate says:

    It looks like they have a website now where you can buy from. https://range-rcard.com/