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TRX Adds Jammer Finder Capability to NEON PT-MIL Solution

New jammer finding function and expanded threat mapping features enable dismounted soldiers to proactively respond to navigational warfare (NAVWAR) attacks.

NEON PT-MIL Jammer Finder Capability


TRX Systems, developer of NEON® GPS-denied location solutions, announced today the availability of expanded NAVWAR capabilities for its NEON PT-MIL solution that enable warfighters to proactively mitigate threats in contested environments. NEON PT-MIL now includes an automated jammer finder function that empowers warfighters to uncover the direction of NAVWAR threats using a low SWaP solution optimized for dismounted soldiers.

NEON PT-MIL helps warfighters maintain effective mission execution, even when they are operating in environments where GPS/GNSS signals are unreliable or intentionally denied. By fusing inputs from inertial sensors, GNSS signals, ultra-wideband (UWB), and other constraints, NEON PT-MIL can detect and eliminate unreliable or compromised GNSS data while providing an alternative source of positioning information for dismounted soldiers.

NEON PT-MIL can also be equipped to rapidly detect and map jamming and spoofing attacks. TRX Systems initially developed these advanced features through a U.S. Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) program designed to extend NAVWAR functionality to the dismounted warfighter. NEON PT-MIL now accepts assured GPS as well as GNSS data from external devices, such as the widely deployed Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) and the Orolia Defense & Security (ODS) BroadSense Nano, to compute and deliver a fused position and, when detected, a NAVWAR threat indication.

Dismounted soldiers can readily leverage the NEON PT-MIL NAVWAR capabilities through standardized interfaces with the DAGR. And with access to the DAGR’s PLI data, NEON PT-MIL can now propagate DAGR military-grade positioning information to other warfighters on the team via its embedded UWB ranging and communications interface.

The new release of NEON PT-MIL includes an automated jammer finding function that allows warfighters to proactively respond to jamming threats. Using the GPS jamming indications available from a connected GNSS or GPS source (e.g., connected DAGR, ODS BroadSense NANO), NEON PT-MIL can derive a line of bearing (LOB) to an enemy jammer and display it within the warfighter’s ATAK user interface.

“Our NEON PT-MIL solution delivers threat information for warfighters and an alternative for effective positioning that enables them to stay on mission even in situations where adversaries have corrupted GNSS signals through jamming or spoofing attacks,” said Carol Politi, CEO of TRX Systems. “With its new jammer finder capabilities and standardized interfaces to DAGR devices, warfighters can further leverage PT-MIL to locate and mitigate those NAVWAR threats.”

NEON PT-MIL with the jammer finding function is available in beta versions for field testing now and will be generally available in Q2 2023.

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