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Sneak Peek – Forward Operations Grip by Contour Tactics

Developed by Josh Burgess and based on over 20 years of experience including two combat tours and years of private contracting experience.

It is designed to replicate the thumb forward support hand grip used on handguns but accepts a variety of grip styles.

They’ve also integrated wire management for enablers as well as a mounting point for tape switches.

Additionally, it provides insulation from heat transfer off of the handguard and barrel. The design also enhances recoil management thanks to the forward hand stop.

This video gives a great overview of the ergonomic design and wide management integration.

Pre-orders are currently open with delivery this summer.


3 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Forward Operations Grip by Contour Tactics”

  1. Mike L. says:

    No relation to forwardobservations.com ?

  2. DangerMouse says:

    Looks very ergonomic. I kind of want to try one.

    Also, it looks like you could drill through it and direct mount an M-Lok version of the UNITY Tactical TAPS switch.

    I don’t have the new Axiom yet, but that might work as well.

  3. Thank you for your comment.