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We’ve All Been There

11 Responses to “We’ve All Been There”

  1. Philip says:

    “You are pressing the button when no sound has played. Please listen carefully and only respond when you hear a sound.”

  2. Brian Marx says:

    After years of having a J-79 in each ear, I needed to do well on this test. It helped when I could get the gremlins in my head to shut up for a while with promises of adult beverages…

  3. rob C says:

    I’m sure everyone has thought about this to claim VA

    • Philip says:

      Allegedly, the VA is proposing to adjust fire and eliminate tinnitus as a standalone compensable condition; opting instead to link tinnitus as a symptom of underlying disease(s) that cause it and rate accordingly. In essence, creating more red tape to eventually be denied for anyway.

  4. WmW says:

    “All I can hear is myself breathing.”
    *Holds Breath*
    “Shit, now all I can hear is my heart beating.”

  5. Ray Forest says:

    This photo is totally staged. Everyone knows his mouth should be open to prevent swallowing noises, his breath should be held, and his eyes closed to better focus.

  6. cam says:

    More like “shit now all i can hear is my tinnitus”

  7. Joe Schowalter says:

    I fell asleep every f*cking time.

  8. vic_toree says:

    Was that tone different than the normal tinnitus tone? Should I hit the button? Crap, did I hit it fast enough?

    What do you mean I need to come back and do it again next week?

  9. Joe R. says:

    PTSD, HELL!, I didn’t have claustrophobia until they made me sit in this booth.