It’s Still Fort Bragg To Me

Sure, the Army announced that Fort Bragg will now be called Fort Liberty, but it will always be Bragg to me.

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  1. TKS says:

    First, renaming is beyond stupid. Second, instead of stupid names why not use the Navy and Marine Corps model and name bases after the nearest city? If we are forced to go “Full Retard” then why not take all subjectivity out of the mix?

    Our entire government has gone “Full Retard”!

    • SSD says:

      That was my suggestion.

    • Yawnz says:

      You need to understand that there is effectively no “winning” with the people that want the names changed. If you keep them, they’ll claim you’re “racist”. If you don’t change them to what they want, they’ll still call you some variation of “-ist”.

      The only real way to “win” is to simply not play. Don’t change the names and tell the vocal minority to eat shit.

  2. Just Brad says:

    Amen Brother!

  3. J says:

    I’m going to call it Bragg even louder and harder now

  4. Martin says:

    It’ll always be Bragg to me. Serving there was one of the honors of my life. Liberty is what we call days off, no way I’ll call it Fort Liberty.

  5. John says:

    The name Ft Liberty is cheesy. I’m not a fan. They could’ve picked a legit hero instead.

    That said, it’s better than being named after a loser and a traitor, though that’s a very low bar. People still loving Braxton Bragg are showing their true colors.

    • Yawnz says:

      Secession =/= “being a traitor”. Bragg resigned from the US Army in 1856, so he was a civilian AND a citizen of a foreign nation at the time Lincoln’s Tax War started. The term “traitor” is only thrown around by people who have the public school version of the “Civil War” taught to them i.e. the historically inaccurate version.

      Nevermind that that sort of talk is absolutely hilarious given how the US itself was founded. US declares independence from a tyrannical government, everyone’s happy. Some states declare independence from the others, “HURR DURR MUH TRAYTORZ”.

      I guess we’ll ignore the effective secession of the New England states during the War of 1812?

  6. Ray Forest says:

    Might as well have called it Fort Woke in the Woods. I’d wager it will be Ft Bragg for soldiers of all races and colors for decades to come. Ft Bragg was a center of gravity for the army for so long its name is synonymous with success and cool guy stuff. People gravitated to that. I’d not be surprised if Liberty winds up just being a place holder for some other name that the troops will all get behind. I just don’t see that weak sauce sticking.

  7. Lgopps2505 says:

    Liberty is dumb, D U M. I have no problem renaming but should have real meaning and connection. I would go with GO and enlisted combination. Fort Gavin-Shughart-Gordon (Ft GSG). Keep both the 82nd and SOF sides of the house happy. And I would suggest doing that general officer/enlisted combinations for other bases too.

  8. Philip says:

    And the progressofascists will still harangue people who say there’s “no woke agenda in the military”.

  9. Jasper says:

    Liberty isn’t a great name, but isn’t Bragg considered to be one of the least effective generals of the civil war? His battle record is terrible.

    • Yawnz says:

      He is. Whoever named it after him would probably find what it has become incredibly ironic.

  10. mudd says:

    Was Ft. PawnshopUsedcarlotSadStripper already taken?

  11. R.B. says:

    at about 47mins in hits the nail on the head, we had leaders who were Vietnam Combat vets. Ones we have now, were all in the “calm” era, prior to the GWOT. Now, unfortunately, most of the GWOT leadership gtfo and for good reason. But still doesn’t bode well for our military

  12. 32sbct says:

    They missed a real opportunity here. Why not the obvious and best rename for Bragg, Fort Ridgway, Matthew Ridgway was the first commander of the 82nd Airborne, the first commander of the XVIII Airborne Corps, pulled our asses out of a near defeat in Korea, and was Chief of Staff of the U.S.Army. He was also instrumental for integrating the Army in the 1950’s. How could his name have been missed? I’m to understand that the renaming commission had a three white man quota. Not sure if that’s true or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I believe that most of their choices were horrid. Think of all the great Soldiers who fought in the Civil War. Some of the absolute greats in Army history, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan Thomas, Hancock and on and on. So the commission decides to name one fort after a Civil War person and they chose Mary Walker, a doctor who worked for the Army but was never part of the Army. The fact that she has a Medal of Honor is still wrong. Only military service members are authorized for the award. That’s why they pulled William “Buffalo Bill” Cody’s after the war. He was a scout that worked with the Army, but still a civilian. After reading that she always dressed in mens clothing later in life it all became clear. it’s a close as they could get to a Transgender.

    I blame Army leadership for this mess. They should have read the tea leaves and got in front of this year’s ago. It will always be Bragg, Benning, Pickett, and A.P. Hill to me but the Army has better heroes and they should have controlled what names went on installations, not some bullshit commission that doesn’t know about or even care about the amazing Soldiers who have served in the U.S. Army. Here’s some better choices just off the top of my head, Omar Bradley, George Patton, Audie Murphy, U.S. Grant, Robert Howard, Creighton Abrams and thousands of others who would better represent a major installation compared to who they selected.

    • Yawnz says:

      Sherman was a genocidal psychopath and in every way “worse” than the “racists” that fought for the Confederacy. Go read his personal memoirs, especially his thoughts about Native Americans.

      • 32sbct says:

        Yes, Sherman most likely suffered from some form of mental illness, and Grant was thought to be a functioning alcoholic. But name me two men who had a greater impact on the outcome of the Civil War? They did what no other Generals before them did, destroy Lee’s Army in the field and crush the southern will to continue the fight. It’s easy to armchair quarterback their strategy so many years removed from the war. Grant was considered a butcher by many and Sherman destroyed much of the South’s infrastructure. Just like we destroyed Germany’s and Japan’s in WW II. But they won the war, saved the Union, and ended slavery. You are correct, men like these were not saints but they were Soldiers and thank God they were.

  13. Peter says:

    This is example of 1st world problems if I ever heard one. It is and will always be Fort Bragg. The only people that knew who Bragg or Longstreet were without looking them up are Civil War guys. I can’t imagine why you would put time , money and energy into this effort when the Army still has major issues in housing, Barracks and recruiting.

  14. ER says:

    The best part is rally the best part about all the re name and take down stuff. first we all agree renaming a base or anything is a joke to make three people happy. second liberty ? I am sure that will make someone mad because you can t tell them what to do. lastly what about the highways? we still have the lee Jackson highway and I have never heard a peep about it. why because no one really cares

    • Alpha2 says:

      Hell, we have Fort Bragg the town, in California…give these idiots time, they will get to the roads, highways and city names too. This type of people wake up unhappy and will never be appeased until our entire history as a country is wiped away.

      • mudd says:

        Ft. Bragg CA (garrison town) was named pre-civil war circa service in the US Army in Mexican American war period.

  15. Mehmaster says:

    There is still no walking on Ardennes.
    Rough men still stand ready to execute violence on our behalf.
    Race based chattel slavery and all the myriad evils that went along with it is not something we should celebrate by memorializing it’s defenders. Losers don’t get to write history.

  16. Bill Vert says:

    I’m not calling it Ft. Liberty, even if there’s a fire.

  17. J says:

    It is just the woke agenda that has been pushed by this administration and others before, political leaders, groups, and individuals that helped to create this mess over decades. We slept to what was going on behind the scenes until it was too late to do something. There are no really good reasons to change the names of bases, ships, street names, and etc…. Tearing down history is not the answer to the woke plans and agenda, but to disrupt our society as a whole. Communism and Marxism is their final goal. What we have served to protect in the U.S. is slowly fading away. History will repeat itself it we do forget it. I was even upset when they renamed Washington National Airport to Reagan National Airport.

  18. Bob says:

    Do you say New Amsterdam instead of New York?