TNVC vSHOTT 2023 Livestream MAR 21-23 – Win a TNVC Custom Cobalt Kinetics CK-PRO Rifle!

Redlands, California—

TNVC is kicking off our third annual virtual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoors, and Tactical Tele-event (vSHOTT), beginning TOMORROW, March 21st at 8PM ET / 5PM PT and feature a GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY of a TNVC Custom Cobalt Kinetics 13.7″ CK-PRO Rifle* with a custom M81 Woodland Cerakote!

TNVC’s vSHOTT Presentation is a three night LIVE streaming event, hosted by TNVC featuring special presentations by TNVC’s staff and Special Guests to discuss the state of the night vision and visual augmentation systems technology and industry, and to educate and interact with end-users and interested parties of all types—recreational, organizational, beginner, or expert!

vSHOTT is free to all, does not require any registration, payment, admission, prerequisites, subscription, or being an “industry insider” to participate during the stream—vSHOTT will be live-streaming on, Facebook, and YouTube live and archived for future viewing, however, registration at is required to be entered in giveaways and to receive exclusive vSHOTT e-mails, featuring exclusive coupon codes and “first look” product launches.

One of the highlights of TNVC’s vSHOTT presentation is the virtual “Circle Bar” panel discussion format, that allows the audience to ask questions and interact with our staff and hosts real-time.

In addition to TNVC Staff, each night of vSHOTT will feature a “Guest Host”:

Along with special remote guests, including John “Doc” Spears from Forge Tactical and Jamey Caldwell from 1 Minute Out!

Register now and join us March 21-23, 2023 for vSHOTT 2023!

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