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Langdon Tactical Expands RDO Solution for Beretta 92 Pistols at NRAAM Indianapolis

(Indianapolis, IN) – Langdon Tactical is proud to announce the expansion of their standard-setting RDO mounting solution for the Beretta 92 to include nearly all Beretta 92 models built since 1982.

Previously, only 92 pistols with Vertec slides (Elite LTT, 92X, M9A3, etc) could be cut for the LTT Red Dot Optic (RDO) solution. The Gungineering team at LTT, led by Ernest Langdon, now has an RDO solution for the 92X Performance, Brigadier, 92FS, 92D, including Beretta’s newest additions, the M9A4, 92XI and other Beretta-production RDO models.

“After the introduction and subsequent success of our original 92 RDO solution in July 2020, we immediately realized this solution was needed for other 92 models” says Ernest Langdon, President of LTT “my team and I sharpened our pencils and got to work developing the LTT RDO solution for the wide variety of different 92 models on the market, for an optic cut as low or lower than most direct milled striker systems”

LTT’s RDO Solution is a true LOW RDO cut with a dot height above the center of the bore of just .85″ (when paired with a Trijicon RMR).

Introduced in 2020, the critically acclaimed (Garand Thumb, Sage Dynamics, 1911 Syndicate) LTT RDO solution has evolved to also include both the Beretta PX4 and the HK P30 series of pistols, also offered by Langdon.

In 2022, the LTT RDO cut for 92 pistols was approved by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department for duty use by individual officers, following an intensive testing and evaluation by the LASD training staff.

To see the full line up of pistols LTT is currently offering their Red Dot Optic cut visit our booth (5873) at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis April 14th-16th 2023.

For all things LTT, check out www.LangdonTactical.com

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