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Indy 23 – Cobalt Kinetics x Firearms Depot Exclusive Pro Shooter ARs

On May 14th Firearms Depot will release two ARs manufactured and configured by Cobalt Kinetics for pro shooters Don Edwards of Greenline Tactical whose carbine is named the “Fast Eddie” and John Dufresne of Kinetic Consulting who named his carbine the “Bear Claw.”

13.9” Greenline Tactical “Fast Eddie” Carbine

•13.9” Rosco Mfg./ Greenline Tactical K9 barrel (5.56X45mm)
•Cobalt Kinetics RCB-KM
•Reptilia RECCE stock
•Reptilia carbine grip
•Custom Cerakote

11.5” Kinetic Consulting “Bear Claw” Pistol

•11.5” Rosco Mfg./ Kinetic Consulting K9 barrel (5.56x45mm)
•Cobalt Kinetics RCB-HX
•Custom Cerakote

MSRP for both TBD. The two guns can only be ordered through Firearms Depot but dealers are welcome. Although the accessories seen on the two guns are not included with the base models, Firearms Depot will offer versions configured with optics and enablers just like the Don and Duff use.

11 Responses to “Indy 23 – Cobalt Kinetics x Firearms Depot Exclusive Pro Shooter ARs”

  1. Jon says:

    What is the contraption mounted to the Recce stock on the fast eddie carbine? Never seen it before and trying to sus out what it does

  2. Cory Starr says:

    I’ll never understand this. Every manufacturer that sells a premium rifle for 2k+ and just uses a Ballistic Advantage or Rosco barrel. What a joke.

    I mean, are people really buying a $2450 Cobalt or SOLGW when they could have a Geissele for the same or less and its an objectively better rifle?


    • SSD says:

      So what you’re telling everyone is that you are an expert on manufacturing firearms? If so, please share with us all of your experience on the matter.

  3. SSD says:

    Yeah, why are you bitching? It comes off like you work for one of their competitors.

    • No1_Important says:

      I do not work for either company or any other manufacturer and am simply a consumer who likes to know what parts are being used and how much they actually cost. It doesn’t take much to price out the parts and realize you can source them and assemble them for cheaper. As Cory and myself stated you can buy a DD or Geissele for the same price, Im not a expert but SOCOM is and can afford to do more testing than I will ever be able to, Cobalt Kinetics and SOLGW are not issued to SOCOM however the previous two are.

      To each their own in the end but I just want my fellow consumers to be informed or at least question what they are buying for $2500.

      • SSD says:

        What you and Cory have is an IP problem. You “two” probably need to work that out before you come back.

      • Sasquatch says:

        I’d take a SOLGW blaster over a DD, regardless of Socoms choices.

  4. I’m not going to speak to the quality of my competitors but as for SOLGW. Our rifles go up against everyone mentioned plus more on a regular basis for testing on Federal and State level contracts. Guess what, we win. Y’all may not be experts on manufacturing firearms but I am. I once again can’t speak for the component and OEM selections of my competitors but our barrels, whether from BA or elsewhere have been tested over years. We set the specs and QC level for anything we use and back that up with additional QC in house to include perfect hand reamed gas ports. Our QC failure rates are way way less than 1%. I’d put our rifle up against any and I know we’d win because we have.

  5. Kyle says:

    Will we be able to get these as factory SBR’s?