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Haley Strategic Blackside to Exhibit at SOF Week

During next week’s SOF Week at the Tampa Convention Center Haley Strategic Partners will offer the first hands-on glimpse of their work from their new experimental unit named Blackside.

Blackside is made up of personnel that are Jacks of all trades and maintain a lot of experience in the military, law enforcement, and rescue spaces. One of the unique aspects of Blackside is the creative flexibility, outside the box thinking, even breaking all the rules of traditional product design if necessary to get the job done without wasting our tax payer money.

Visit booth 455 where you’ll see their latest products oncluding some that have yet to be seen.

For a preview of some of what will be exhibited at SOF Week, visit haleystrategic.com/products/blackside.

One Response to “Haley Strategic Blackside to Exhibit at SOF Week”

  1. Great man, great company. So grateful our community has an outside the box thinker always innovating. Thanks for everything Trav’s!