Cobalt Kinetics & Firearms Depot to Release Pro-Staff Inspired Signature Rifles

May 12th, 2023: Cobalt Kinetics, a manufacturer of exquisitely designed (and expertly built) American Masterpiece firearms and accessories; is proud to announce that they will be teaming up with Firearms Depot to release two signature rifle builds designed by their Pro-Staff members. Jon Dufresne (Kinetic Consulting) & Don Edwards (Greenline Tactical) have lent their subject matter expertise to design the 11.5” CK-Pro “Bear Claw” and the 13.9” CK-Pro “Fast Eddie” platforms.

The collaboration between both companies was viewed as a great opportunity to provide customers with specialized platforms that were built using specs hand-picked by each shooter (and borrowing on years of subject matter expertise in the process). Each build will feature the same list of amazing components that makes the standard CK-Pro so amazingly accurate/ dependable, but with some tasteful upgrades too. The 11.5” & 13.9” will come equipped with Cobalt’s suppressor compatible RCB muzzle devices (Deadair Keymo on 13.9” & HUXWRX QD on 11.5”). They will also come with lo-profile, 2-point slings.

The platforms will also feature each Pro-Staff shooters signature barrel designed by them in conjunction with Rosco Mfg. barrels. Both barrels are constructed from 416R stainless steel, are then electro polished, and finally Melonited. The result is an MOA producing, precision grade barrel, with duty level service life, and both have been optimized for suppressor use. They feature a proprietary “Continuous Taper” to shore up strength on critical parts of the barrel, whilst lightening up other parts to provide a cooling/ balance ratio not easily found in other barrels. Both platforms also feature Cobalt Kinetics’ LIFETIME WARRANTY.  

The platforms will be sold exclusively through Firearms Depot, starting with the 11.5” CK-Pro “Bear Claw” on May 12th.

“Working with Firearms Depot on this project has allowed us to bring something to the market that customers can enjoy whilst also being able to depend on. Both platforms are the result of over a year and a half of testing, abuse, and input from both talented shooters. Each found their specific set-up that worked extremely well for their given mission roles. The best part is that customers will be ready to roll to the range (or training class) once they mount an optic. We have provided every possible upgrade on these platforms, so customers do not have to!”

-Gabriel Cabrera (President/ Cobalt Kinetics)

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