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Rampart Range Day 23 – Magripper

The Magripper by CroMag Corp is a magazine loader which accepts Mail-Std AR magazines and will load via 10 round stripper clips or via 8 cartridges placed in the chute. A simple push down loads them into the magazine.

This and other products shown at Rampart Range Day are available for unit and agency orders in Canada and the US through Rampart.

2 Responses to “Rampart Range Day 23 – Magripper”

  1. No1_Important says:

    “Tested and trusted by Tier-1 Operators” is becoming a radioactive slogan for myself which will hopefully go the way of the Zombie neon green craze of years past…

    This is a $45 solution that does the same thing as the $2 G.I magazine spoon (charger) and a table, ammo can etc. The spoon is expendable, fits in a pocket, is made out of metal rather than plastic and has zero moving parts.

    So as SSD has told me before, “So don’t buy one, no one will care”

    • No1_Logic says:

      You could make the same stupid argument about the HK416 vs a musket… both perform the same function, one just does it in a far superior way by being more reliable, quicker, offering more versatility, etc…

      Also you need to get your head out of your you-know-where. Not every country gets issued the metal spoon; there are more countries than just the US bud.