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Rampart Range Day 23 – Pathfinder from ARA

ARA’s Pathfinder is a seismic unattended ground sensor which was fielded to the US Army as the Expendable Unattended Ground Sensor System. Over 40,000 have been deployed.

This buried sensor can detect human foot traffic at 10 m and offroad vehicle traffic at 25 m. Additionally, it integrates with TAK and can report up to 10 km from the controller. The system uses a burst transmission to send alert reports and can be integrated with other sensors to slew to the area of interest.

The battery will last for up to six months based on 50 alerts per day. A version which is twice as large will last for up to two years. While the batteries can be replaced by ARA, Pathfinder is considered expendable. Each sensor weighs 11 oz.

The E-UGS 2000 model is not subject to ITAR export controls.

This and other products shown at Rampart Range Day are available for unit and agency orders in Canada and the US through Rampart.

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