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The 2023 OTTE Gear x Bawidamann 2023 Narcos Playa Shirts Are In!

It’s finally here! The 2023 OTTE Gear x Bawidamann 2023 Narcos Playa print which recalls the 80s Miami Drug War, a gritty fight between the US and the cartels. The fuel for the failed state was Cocaine and the fight was with the elusive Cocaine Cowboys. Hand-designed by Andrew Bawidamann himself, this pop-heavy print courses through your veins, weaving around Hibiscus & Coca, Beechcraft Kings & Cigarette boats, Brass Knucks & AK47s to name a few. The Mexican bass guitar plays Chalino Sanchez’s music, setting the stage for Miami Vice days and nights.


Hidden gems include Grenades & AK47s, straight razors, brass knucks, switchblades, Bren 10, SBS 12, coffins, rosary & skulls, CAR 15 & mac10.  Available in Blowout Black, Paradise Blue and Rush Green.

The Nacros Playa print is also available on OTTE Gear as a Nalgene bottle in Rush and a Range Bag in exclusive Sunset Pink.  We also partnered with TXC Holsters to make this print available in the holster lineup as well (available on their site).




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