SIG MMG 338 Program Series

OpEx 23 – Point6 Cold Weather Vapor Barrier Liner

The Point6 vapor barrier liner has been under development for awhile but it’s now available and included in their 3-sock system.

Worn in extreme cold weather, the vapor barrier liner traps sweat so that it may not freeze into ice within clothing and footwear. The VBL features a fold-over toe box and ultrasonic welded seams.

The sock system includes a thin Merino liner sock and a heavier Merino outer sock which are worn with the VBL sandwiched in between.

5 Responses to “OpEx 23 – Point6 Cold Weather Vapor Barrier Liner”

  1. Ben says:

    I know we dont like non-constructive comments about the price, but if the manufacturer reads this id buy some of these, but $125 is more than i could justify paying for these. I use bread bags for a vapor barrier. Id love something nicer and more durable.

    • Kit Badger says:

      My guess is the price reflects the demand. I would love a pair of these for some winter outings, but these won’t ever see a big demand I’d imagine…

    • Blop says:

      Yeah at that price I’d expect to be buying the system, not just the VBL sock.

      Rab makes VBL socks for $35 and Exped for $30. I’ve got both, they’re great. Point6’s cuff looks like an improvement, though.

      I assume Point6’s price point is mostly justified by being US-made.

  2. Point6 says:

    The Point6 VBL is a technical and durable update to more simple solutions that have been used in the past. Our product team diligently tested and refined the design, materials and manufacturing process to create the best product solution for cold weather use. The VBLs are produced in the USA and are made in small production lots.

    We sell the socks in the system separately so that the layering can be modified depending on the footwear being used.