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Angstadt Arms Introduces The Vanquish

Baffleless ISR and suppressed barrel system for the AR9 platform
Charlotte, NC, (September 19, 2023)

Experience the next level of innovation and performance with the Vanquish ISR.

This revolutionary firearm breaks free from the limitations of conventional suppressors, thanks to our patented zero baffle design.

Gone are the days of relying on expensive, high-grain subsonic rounds for optimal sound suppression. The Vanquish features a ported barrel design that erases the sonic boom of standard 115-grain ammunition, delivering a suppressed shot that rivals the quietness of high-priced subs. And with no baffles, maintenance becomes virtually nonexistent and eliminates the possibility of a baffle strike.

Key Design Features:

• No Baffle Design: No chance for a baffle strike

• Adjustable Ported Barrel: Allows 115grain 9mm ammo to remain subsonic

• Quiet: Average reduction of 40dB and no first round pop

• Minimal Maintenance: With no baffles, cleanup is virtually nonexistent

• Maximum Compatibility: The Vanquish suppressed barrel is compatible with any straight blowback AR9

• Premium features: Equipped with an upgraded EMT-9 trigger, ambidextrous Radian Weapons Raptor charging handle & Talon safety sector, BCM vertical foregrip and a choice of 6 Cerakote finishes

The Vanquish is available in two barrel lengths: a 16″ rifle and 10.5″ SBR and can be purchased as a complete firearm (MSRP $1,995), complete upper (MSRP $1,095) or standalone suppressed AR9 barrel (MSRP $585).

Learn More: angstadtarms.com/vanquish

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