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Canadian-owned BLOCKHOUSE launches Global Protective Equipment Company

OTTAWA, September 18, 2023 – Today marks the official launch of a new Canadian-owned and operated enterprise, BLOCKHOUSE, a leading global provider of equipment for military, Special Forces and Law Enforcement end users.  

BLOCKHOUSE’s objective is to acquire and accelerate innovative equipment manufacturers to help establish the future of military and Law Enforcement equipment.

BLOCKHOUSE provides prospective companies the resources and leadership to expand their market share and generate long-term growth. They offer access to international distributor partners, marketing and design services and operational expertise to help companies optimize and expand into the global market. With years of experience working with leading manufacturers, distributors, and end users worldwide, BLOCKHOUSE is equipped to drive success and is looking for opportunities to expand their portfolio of brands.

“BLOCKHOUSE is rooted in years of industry experience with one goal in mind; to bring innovative leading-edge products to Law Enforcement and military end users,” said Mike Klein, Chairman of BLOCKHOUSE, “We have a vast understanding of the marketplace and a global network to take companies to the next level.”

Founded in 2022, BLOCKHOUSE is comprised of exceptional brands renowned for their innovation and quality. BLOCKHOUSE currently holds two companies under its portfolio:

WARQ, a manufacturer of protective helmets for marking and force on force training ammunition designed to protect and enhance training capabilities for Law Enforcement and military end users. BLOCKHOUSE acquired WARQ in 2023 to scale operations and launch into the North American Market. Read the case study here.

DEFILADE Protection Systems, manufacturers of the Discreet Deployment System (DDS), the next generation in personal protective equipment for law enforcement was acquired by BLOCKHOUSE in 2022.

BLOCKHOUSE has more than 40 global partners in 20+ countries, making up a robust international network of dealers and distributors. Additionally, a strategic partnership in Canada and the United States with RAMPART Corporation, a major supplier of operational equipment to military, Law Enforcement and armed agency end users.

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