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Blackhawk’s Rodman, Schuerch Take Third at West Virginia Team Tactical Games

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – September 19, 2023 – Blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, congratulates tactical athletes Zach Rodman and Ehea Schuerch for their third-place team finish at the Tactical Games West Virginia Regional Team event. Rodman and Schuerch teamed up for the first time at the West Virginia match and were able to reach the podium after a dramatic second day finish.

Throughout the competition, Rodman and Schuerch ran a full suite of Blackhawk gear, including the T-Series® L3D holster with Jacket Slot Leg Strap Adapter plus the Foundation Series Tac Nylon plate carrier and belt. 

“The Foundation Series continues to execute in every difficult environment we compete in, and the West Virginia event was no less demanding,” said Rodman. “Another great item that can be added to any T-Series holster is the jacket slot leg strap adapter. Using it during the match made the holster feel almost non-existent during the ruck event that took us through the mountainous parts of the range. It’s a great piece that any T-Series owner should pick up.”

The West Virginia Tactical Games was the first match in which Rodman and Schuerch joined forces, and both competitors walked away from the event with a new level of respect for their teammate.

“Some things were out of our control and didn’t go as expected, but we fought hard and came back on day two to get the job done,” Schuerch said. “I had an absolute blast getting to partner with Zach for this competition. He’s a powerhouse of an athlete, a solid shooter, and he has a big heart and a passion for this sport and community. He made this weekend the highlight of my TTG season.”

Rodman expressed equal admiration for his partner.

“Ehea was a great teammate in West Virginia. Besides the fact that she is extremely strong, and her metabolic conditioning is world-class, she’s a great shooter and is always encouraging,” Rodman said. “These competitions are a roller coaster throughout the two days you are performing, so staying positive and having a level head is invaluable. I was thankful to have a partner that did both and so much more.”

To learn more about these Blackhawk sponsored athletes, The Tactical Games, or to see the full line-up of holsters and tactical gear that was used, head over to Blackhawk.com.

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