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AXL Advanced x Longship Designs JTAC Adapter

Developed by Longship Designs and manufactured by AXL Advanced, this is the latest, V3 version of the JTAC Adapter.

The V3 JTAC Adapter is a semi-rigid platform that allows you to mount an EUD or admin pouch above your magazines and keep your device on your chest. The V3 JTAC Adapter features laser-cut laminate, a thermoplastic interior for rigidity, and a hook and loop base that attaches to the back of most modern chest rigs on the market. With the new mirrored design of the new V3 Adapter, the user is now able to mount a pouch directly to the body side of the adapter using the laser cut laminate and loop field now featured. Each JTAC Adapter comes with two strands of shock cord and two cord locks to be used to mount the adapter directly to your chest rig harness. When used slick, the JTAC Adapter can be used to affix identifiers or other hook-based items as seen fit.

“The JTAC Adapter was created to fill a gap in continuity between plate carriers and chest rigs. The idea came after I was watching a teammate use his ATAK phone while wearing his Spiritus Systems chest rig and had no good place to keep the phone readily accessible. Because I didn’t own the same chest rig the original was designed around the Mayflower UW rig. It went through various iterations and I sent a few to guys for testing and then used their feedback to enhance the JTAC Adapter. The version everyone is familiar with was further refined with Ben from Gear Dynamics and his knowledge of CAD and laminates.”

-Longship Designs

Available in all standard colorways and patterns at 12 Central October 13th 2023.

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