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Introducing The New S.O.Tech Laser Cut Tactical Symbology Patches

A Modern Twist On A S.O.Tech Original

S.O.Tech has new additions to their full line of tactical symbology which now include a modern twist on a S.O.Tech original. We have been making our embroidered symbology patches for about 15 years now. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our new laser cut tactical symbology patches. They were designed as a Mil Std 2525C supplement to accurately represent specialized job functions at the individual level. Originally, because S.O.Tech’s line of bags (Mission Go Bag and Mission Pack) were so multi-functional, they needed an identifier so the operator could easily determine what was inside the bag. Our bags were being used to hold sniper gear, medical gear, breacher gear, and commo gear. So, during a medical emergency, we created the medical patch so you could tell that pack from the others. SOCOM and USASOC allowed us to include these patches on our bags and patches throughout the GWOT, so you’ve probably seen them across the spectrum.

S.O.Tech has also adapted the symbols for use on patches which can be worn to designate various functions at the small unit level, whether on the pack or on a person. This can be an excellent way to identify special skills-centric gear to cut through the “fog of war” during chaotic situations. The new line of laser cut patches include Medic, Rifleman, Grenadier, Light Machine Gunner, and Heavy Machine Gunner.

We have two different variations of our patches. The first option being a IR honeycomb reflective and the second option being an IR only.

Price: $25


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