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Shop Show 23 – The Micro Wing from Antimatter x Tactical Development

Antimatter Industries gave us a sneak peek of their collaboration with Tactical Development, The Micro Wing.

It was for those who use Safariland (and other) holsters but want a weakhand thumbrest for added control.

Simple to install, it folds out of the way when holstering your pistol, yet offers purchase for your thumb.

The hinged mount fits in between your pistol light and rail.

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3 Responses to “Shop Show 23 – The Micro Wing from Antimatter x Tactical Development”

  1. Jon says:

    Hmmm, don’t like this one. I’m a fan of the thumb rest concept, but this level of added complexity is not worth the squeeze. I can definitely envision a situation where, while drawing your pistol under stress, this thumb rest being at some level of hinged closed or open interferes with your support hand getting a purchase on the gun. Bad things potentially ensue…

    • Nick says:

      I had a chance to handle this at SHOP Show and it is a pretty cool concept: to clarify for the above commenter – the hinge on the device is “spring loaded” so that the thumb rest deploys automatically as it clears the holster, and is designed to stay open until you press it into the frame and reholster in a deliberate manner.

  2. SVGC says:

    Had a chance to talk to these guys at SHOP, forward thinkers. Really liking the outside the box thinking that they’re bringing to the table. This thing is pretty cool and I think we’ll be picking some up for the shop. Nice job -BadgerOrd