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B&T’s BWC9 is a folding personal defense chassis designed to be a compact, non-descript accessory that hides in plain sight. In its folded form, it can be carried using the integrated carry handle. In this position, placing slight rearward pressure upon the charging handle, a subtle flick of the wrist completely unfolds and locks the BWC9 into its extended position. It can be refolded and stowed nearly as quickly.

The BWC is being sold as an accessory; users will provide their P320 FCU and complete slide assembly of their choice (Sub-Compact through X-Five length, including threaded barrels). Not compatible with suppressor height sights. Aimpoint ACRO P-2 is included.

11 Responses to “B&T BWC9”

  1. D Liddle says:

    B&T follows through! People have been anxiously awaiting Magpul’s folding PDW for almost 15 years, and this is even better since you just drop in your 320 FCU…tax stamp optional;)

    On my radar. I am tracking.

    • SSD says:

      I’m pretty excited about this. Afraid they will sell out quickly.

    • Ricky Bobby says:

      Going to be tough since Zev went tits up and got repossessed by their investment group and pretty much let go of all their staff. Rest of the investors got kicked in the teeth.

      • Joey says:

        So that’s why you can’t get zev products anymore. Kinda like old AAC silencer warranty stuff!

        • Jon, OPT says:

          Zev products can still be found in retail stores, and from multiple distributors. Their current issues have not really affected existing inventory still in the wild… as for the future, that’s TBD.

  2. Swampy J says:

    Definitely on the list of “gotta gets”

    Would be cool if they could make it look like an old school radio as an option.

    I wish there was an aggregate link article with all the Sig FCU (both 320 and 365) compatible products because I’m lazy.

    • SSD says:

      That’s an interesting idea, the links. As for the radio, sounds like an arts and crafts project.

      • Todd H says:

        Not sure how that works (radio). Does the SBR status of the FCU pre-empt the AOW? A gun disguised as something non-gun must be registered as an AOW, but if your FCU is already a(n) SBR, hmmm… I might have to reach out to some firearms attorneys and get their take on that one.

        • Swampy J says:

          Appreciate the info Todd. I wasn’t aware of that important detail, and “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

      • swiss says:

        Sounds like a perfect project for some 3d printed bits / a skin for part of it, maybe even add an led power indicator to further obfuscate it.

        • Joe says:

          Airsoft has been 3d printing PDW lowers for pistols a while now. If you can print full working subguns like the FGC-9, something like this would be trivial in comparison.