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Sneak Peek – Lancer Magazines in Arctic Warfare White

Lancer Systems L5AWM Arctic Warfare White. They claim their Advanced Polymer won’t split or crack when the temperatures plunge.

3 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Lancer Magazines in Arctic Warfare White”

  1. rob371 says:

    Hopefully some soldiers up in AK get a hold of some. JPMRC will be a good test of the polymer in cold weather field conditions.

    • Big Red One - Ramadi OIF II says:

      Lancer has the metal lips. Would run same as the rest.

      • Ian says:

        Where polymer magazines can struggle in extreme cold is surviving drops onto hard surfaces. The magazine base can blow out from fractures in extreme cold conditions.

        I’m speaking generally, and have no idea how the Lancers perform.