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Latest Gear-Setup Advancements for Sniper and Long-Range Reconnaissance Missions Spotlighted in New Video from Lindnerhof

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (21 December 2023)—Lindnerhof-Taktik today released a video that offers an in-depth look at the ways sniper and reconnaissance gear setups have evolved over the past two decades.

Hosted by former special-operations professionals Jakob Kolbeck (now the CEO of Lindnerhof) and Björn Herbert (the brand’s international technical products sales manager), the video traces the transformation of these types of gear setups from traditional smock-style outfits to cutting-edge configurations for modern operational needs.

Throughout the video, Kolbeck and Herbert draw from their own real-life experiences to underscore the importance of professionals opting for dynamic gear setups that align with mission requirements and the threat levels likely to be encountered during the course of those operations.

“There has been a shift in perceptions as to not only what to carry but also how to carry,”

Kolbeck indicated. “No longer is it seen as viable for snipers to stuff everything they need into their jackets. Now the accepted practice is to take a fully modular approach to carrying.” Modularity facilitates streamlining, and this, according to Herbert, affords operators greater versatility as well as mobility.

Presented in the video are gear configurations employing micro-rig and chest-rig systems chosen for their ability to optimise the balance between protection and agility for heavy and streamlined loadouts alike. “Both of the showcased chest-rig setups support increased firepower and adaptability by allowing operators to, for example, add various pouches,” said Herbert. “Their real-world effectiveness is captured in the video when we put them to the test with live-fire drills conducted on a shooting range.”

Brimming with lighthearted moments, this informative video delivers “a unique glimpse into the thought-process behind the creation of gear engineered to meet the demands of modern snipers and reconnaissance operators,” Kolbeck promised.

Watch the full episode HERE.

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