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231 Military Personnel and Veterans Send Joint Chiefs “Declaration of Military Accountability”

This morning I became aware on Instagram and X that at 4am EST today, the Joint Chiefs of Staff received an email with a letter attached titled, “Declaration of Military Accountability”.

The letter was signed by 231 active duty service members and veterans. The letter is not addressed to military leaders but rather to the American people. However, it does call out many uniformed leaders by name.

The point of the letter, as you will read, is the conduct of military leaders regarding the use of experimental vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While I won’t go so far as to call this action unprecedented, I cannot recall during my service and retirement where this many active personnel have signed their name to a document calling for the accountability of the military’s unformed leadership. This number is even more striking to me as the recent call for signatures was not well publicized. The authors do plan to open the letter to additional supporting signatures soon.

The letter lays out a general plan of accountability and a call to action for those who share the views of the authors. It does not incite violence or call for signatories and sympathizers to violate their oaths of office.

Considering it is New Years Day and not a duty day, there has been no reaction so far from the Department of Defense or those called out by name in the letter. I do expect this to make the national news this week.

-Eric Graves


The contents of the letter are seen below:

An Open Letter to the American People from Signatories of this Declaration of Military Accountability

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

–John Adams

In the course of human events it sometimes becomes necessary to admonish the lawless, encourage the fainthearted, and strengthen the weak. We have reached just such a time in our history. The affairs of our nation are now steeped in avaricious corruption and our once stalwart institutions, including the Dept of Defense, are failing to fulfill the moral obligations upon which they were founded. Standing upon our natural and constitutional rights, we hereby apprise the American people that we have exhausted all internal efforts to rectify recent criminal activity within the Armed Forces.

In the Declaration of Independence our founding fathers sought separation. We seek no separation, but through this letter and the efforts we pledge herein, we pursue restoration through accountability. We intend to rebuild trust and restore the rule of law, particularly within the Armed Forces. Ultimately, we strive to once again become a moral people, restoring our nation, and making it again worthy of the great gift of liberty won by the colonial-era American people.

While implementing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, military leaders broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion.

Service members and families were significantly harmed by these actions. Their suffering continues to be felt financially, emotionally, and physically. Some service members became part of our ever-growing veteran homeless population, some developed debilitating vaccine injuries, and some even lost their lives. In an apparent attempt to avoid accountability, military leaders are continuing to ignore our communications regarding these injuries and the laws that were broken.

For GEN Milley, ADM Grady, GEN McConville, ADM Gilday, ADM Lescher, Gen Brown, Gen Berger, Gen Smith, VADM Kilby, VADM Nowell, VADM Fuller, LTG Martin, Lt Gen Davis, MG Edmonson, GEN Williams, ADM Fagan, VADM Buck, Lt Gen Clark, MG Francis, LTG Dingle, Lt Gen Miller, RADM Gillingham, and numerous others;

These individuals enabled lawlessness and the unwilling experimentation on service members. The moral and physical injuries they helped inflict are significant. They betrayed the trust of service members and the American people.

Their actions caused irreparable harm to the Armed Forces and the institutions for which we have fought and bled.

These leaders refused to resign or take any other action to hold themselves accountable, nor have they attempted to repair the harm their policies and actions have caused. Since there has yet to be any accountability, the undersigned give our word to do everything morally permissible and legally possible to hold our own leadership accountable. We intend to rebuild trust by demonstrating that leaders cannot cast aside constitutional rights or the law for political expediency.

The flag and general officers are far from the only ones complicit in recent illegal activities, as a significant number of SES leaders and political appointees contributed. Evidence indicates that other executive agencies are engaging in illegal activity. However, as service members and veterans, we feel particularly responsible for the DoD and, in accordance with our oaths, we will make every effort to demonstrate by example, how an institution can put its own house in order.

We the undersigned, on behalf of hundreds of thousands of service members and the American people, while appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for guidance and purity of intention, mutually pledge to each other that we will do everything in our power, through lawful word and action, to hold accountable military leaders who failed to follow the law when their leadership and moral courage was most desperately needed.

In the coming years, thousands within our network will run for Congress and seek appointments to executive branch offices, while those of us still serving on active duty will continue to put fulfilling our oaths ahead of striving for rank or position. For those who achieve the lawful authority to do so, we pledge to recall from retirement the military leaders who broke the law and will convene courts-martial for the crimes they committed. For those of us who attain legislative offices, we pledge to introduce legislation to remove all retirement income for the military leaders who were criminally complicit, and we will ensure none serve in or retire from the Senior Executive Service.

This endeavor will be a continuous process with a long-term time horizon, but fulfilling our oaths to defend the Constitution requires just such persistent vigilance. Likewise, we are obligated, and so commit, to train those who come after us to fulfill their duty in achieving this accountability and safeguarding against such leadership failures hereafter.

Our nation was once great because it was good. It was built on moral principles founded in natural law and yet, the recent acceleration of moral relativism has us headed towards a precipitous implosion. While all good things come to an end, we refuse to allow our nation to go quietly into the depths of decadence and decay. We promise to exhaust all moral, ethical, and legal means to restore the rule of law and will begin by attempting to hold senior military leaders accountable. The Constitution is the supreme law of our land.

We will fight to enforce that law and put an end to the two-tiered justice system. May future generations see our efforts and, God willing, may they also be recipients of the great gift of liberty that we have had the honor of safeguarding.

The letter and signatories can be seen here.

71 Responses to “231 Military Personnel and Veterans Send Joint Chiefs “Declaration of Military Accountability””

  1. Philip says:

    While I understand and support their sentiment, bureaucratic stonewalling will win this in the long run. DoD will ultimately stall this out by using its power as a largely unaccountable cog in the machine to avoid anything resembling ownership, accountability, or remorse for this fiasco.

    Maybe with some Congressional pressure, they’ll shift blame as far down the chain as possible, firing some low-level flag officer, program manager, or policy writer no one’s ever heard of.

    I wouldn’t even be surprised to see the active duty members who signed this face additional reprisals. The last couple decades or so of American politics have plainly indicated the disdain that the powers that be have for our rights. It’s a symptom of the larger moral rot that has metastasized throughout our society and culture.

    There are rules for those in charge, and the rules enforced for everyone else. “It’s big club, and you ain’t in it!”

    • Sarena says:

      BUT GOD!

    • Matt says:

      Everything you said is true.

      They are probably falling on the swords over this, but it’s a needed step and I am one hundred percent behind them. It took real backbone.


      • Philip says:

        100% needed and worthy of supporting.

        But the rights and abilities of We the People to effectively accomplish the redress of grievances pertaining to state overreach and abuse of power have largely been rendered moot with the incrementally aggressive assaults on individual liberties by authoritarians across every spectrum of the political establishment.

        I fear that they can (and probably will) choose to leverage the full power of the state to maintain the status quo, no matter how much noise dissent creates.

        “Rule of Law” has become the unfunny punchline to a sick joke told by the elite to remind us we aren’t, and never will be, meaningfully in charge of anything at any level.

    • Caught you on the warroom One more thing Military Vets do not know Im the barer of good news right now VA Department Pharmacogenomic PGX testing for veterans Places where to get tested are called Site Champions I live in Ft Wayne had to drive to Lafayette to get a blood test well it is like genic testing to see if the medicine is good for you or not or lower or increase dosage this should be tested with every veteran I have my test on file call the Phaser Program hope word get out about thie VA Program Pharmacogenomic Department Washington DC right now 11 medications are on record and going to 50 and then they will also include food at a latter date however no one needs to tell me if a snack is good or not still eating snacks no matter with my genics testing tell me God Bless America and God Bless our military past preset or future……

  2. I pray some ppl in high positions will stand with us, this absolutely needs to happen this all must stop. This is so serious our country is at stake they must be held accountable, taken out of service at the least. Total insanity it’s very disheartening.

  3. Lydia N. says:

    I support this 100% as an American citizen. I support the men and women of the military who have signed and will sign this letter. Justice needs to be served. Thank you.

  4. Sarena Reese says:

    God bless you all for standing up for your oath and the Constitution of this great nation! I wept while reading your names just thinking about all the great patriots there are fighting for this country. I know if my grandfather, WWII VET, were still with us he would have signed on if asked. Just know that WE THE PEOPLE are behind you every step of the way! God bless the United States of America!

  5. Mehmaster says:

    Good luck on all your political campaigns.

  6. Raul says:

    Are “We the people” making choices and feelings heard through lagging recruitment or is that exaggerated. Odd times indeed.

  7. James says:

    Can’t undo 170 years of creep. Nothing to do with it but walk away, let writhe and flounder in it’s death-throes.

  8. Gaye Collins says:

    Up next to stand for their people should be all organizations/associations representing: Commercial pilots, medical personnel, university/college students and faculty, professional athletes, the traveling public… pretty much everyone who were lied to about “safe and effective”, those forced to take the clot shot against their will and without informed consent.

    Those who tried to warn others were called “evil”, “murderers”, “un-American”, ostracized by family and friends, refused medical treatment and life-saving organ transplants.

    I seriously doubt those who committed these crimes against humanity will ever be held to account, but we can hope.

    There’s a reason the regime has hired additional attorneys… it’s coming.

    • Yawnz says:

      A good deal of those medical personnel and university students and faculty are part of the problem.

      They helped the COVID scamdemic by publishing fake studies downplaying the effectiveness of non-vaccine treatments and were the driving force behind attacking those who spoke out against lockdowns.

      • Gaye Collins says:

        I know that, but certainly not all. Nurses were among some of the first to try to warn people, and some are still blowing the whistle on the overwhelming number of cases of heart issues and other injuries that SHOULD be connected to the jab. All lies will be revealed, but for now, autopsies that properly test for micro clotting absolutely MUST be mandatory for the “died suddenly”!

  9. Christie says:

    Please everyone support our brave soldiers in this battle for justice. Help them help us. spread this hashtag on every social media


    contact your elected officials and the DOD. Thank you for your service and I will fight to support every single one of you. I will vote for you.

  10. Chuck says:

    I have no idea who these service members and veterans are, but they have my full support. Just tell me where I can sign.

    In order to restore faith in the American way of life there must accountability for the crimes that were committed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  11. Philliegirl says:

    Wow…I am reading “falling on sword” and “can’t undo” ect instead of standing with your brother and giving him support while standing by your oath. What are you doing to help out your country? He has the support of many retired veterans, maga folks and patriots. Remember your oath. Re-read it.

  12. Dave Zenker says:

    I’ve Been Fussing about this and much more for a long time:



    This is a GREAT thing you’ve done.


  13. Tom says:

    Where do I sign. We either have laws – and the policies that are used to implement them as intended – or we have a lawless government and society. 86% of the American public want a suitable photo ID to vote, but it doesn’t happen. I bet there are a lot of other policies the public wants with that level of support that just don’t happen. It is past the time that we stand up as citizens. Especially those of us that swore an Oath to the Constitution. To me, that Oath stands. I didnt fold it up like I did my uniform after 21 1/2 years of active duty, or even after another 10 years of government service. That Oath stands as long as I still breathe.

  14. Mary Scholz says:

    I fully support this decision. Will sign whatever is needed

  15. Barb says:

    When those in charge break the rules we become loud,boisterous and constantly speak up for OUR rights because if we don’t Socialism/ Communism will take root! I for one back them ? % our freedoms and liberties have slowly been chipped away and I for one have had it!

  16. Teresa says:

    How can we support this? We can also add civil servants–many left their jobs due to the pressure of ‘no jab, no job’ and the almost immediate denial of waivers.

  17. DAWN TIGHE says:

    I wish I had the opportunity to sign this as well.

  18. OldCol says:

    God bless you every one.

  19. mupp says:

    This has the real vibe of people who’d call anyone wanting special treatment “snowflakes”

  20. Hobnail John says:

    So a couple of thoughts.

    1) Am I supposed to be impressed they got 231 signatures out of literally millions of current service members and veterans? Those are rookie numbers; more people stormed the capitol building on January 6th than that.

    2) That said, I did see a couple of potential candidates running for office in my state, so I’ll spread those around to hopefully limit their chances of getting elected as much as possible. So, thanks for outing yourselves, I guess?

    3) It is interesting to note that the only other websites that even seem to be mentioning this so far are the Epoch Times, which is owned by a literal cult, LifeSite, which seems to think that the Free Masons (and thus many of the US founders) are Satan worshipers, and Truth11, which believes the World Economic Forum is trying to kill 4 billion people through climate change policy. So, you know, that’s an interesting bunch. That probably doesn’t say anything about soldier systems, but it was so god damn weird I couldn’t help but mention it. Though it might say something about the kind of people that tend to believe the coronavirus conspiracy theories and what other bullshit they tend to believe in too. Maybe it will get more coverage after the holiday. Or maybe only crazy people and niche sites are going to care. I guess we will see.

    • mupp says:

      And check out all the totally real replies on this very thread from people with female names who’ve never posted on SSD before.

    • Lad says:

      Seriously. These people have 0 understanding of risk management and I am glad for every one who gets out of military, EMS or similar.

      • Hobnail John says:

        I mean. I wouldn’t say they have zero understanding of risk management, I’m sure in combat situations they understand it just fine. Just zero or at best limited understanding or epidemiology, pharmacology, and other related hard sciences. Which isn’t a moral deficiency. There’s nothing wrong with that. But combine that with an unfortunate mix of right-wing identity politics that tells them to distrust academically derived expertise because it’s “Marxist” and “evil” and medical misinformation peddled by people who sell themselves as explicitly anti academic experts and well, you get stuff like the above. I am oversimplifying a lot of course, and I’m not necessarily mourning they’re loss to the military either. Just saying its more complicated.

        • Steve says:

          And you sound like the typical lefty lost in the DBPDD (Democrat Bubble of Perpetual Dumbfk and Delusion). Just talking out your ass and punch drunk on koolaid! Are you not aware that the FDA was trying to bury the internal Pfizer studies for 75 yrs and they were sued into releasing them? The judge ordered them to be released. Since 2022, there’s been approximately 55000 pgs released every other mth or so. Each bundle worse than the last. They knew that vax killed 1223 ppl BEFORE they rolled it out. AND THEY STILL ROLLED IT OUT WITH THE “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE” NARRATIVE!! Oh! Wait! Of course you probably knew about that. But instead of bothering to read one lousy pg of the actual internal study, you chose to believe one of your left leaning, LYING ASS, new sources when they “summarized” what the studies showed, and continued their slandering and painting anything contrary to the govt narrative as conspiracy bullshit. Moderna was just ordered to release theirs. It’s just as damning. And as you’ve so blatantly shown, your overlords have done an excellent job training you. You’ve been sufficiently programmed to automatically dismiss anything that might remotely appear to be right of center. You, no doubt, have done no independent research outside of a Google search. Fake fact checkers are your idea of truth, and credibility assessors and/or Wikipedia are gospel to you. You, and others like you, are the epitome of indoctrinated, brainwashed, zombies!! You are no longer capable of independent, common sense, critical, or logical thought. You’ve lost your ability to use your own intelligence and powers of discernment. If you ever had any to begin with.


          Surgeon General Ladapo just called for a halt of all COVID vaccines in his state because they’re DANGEROUS!!

          The most recent numbers show 15 million people worldwide have been killed from the vax. The numbers of those who are now permanently disabled are even higher!!


          Guess you know nothing about their efforts to censor and shut any and everyone up who tries to talk about it, don’t you? Why do you think your hatred is so strong against anything right wing? As you speak about Epoch, Newsmax, OAN, your disgust is almost palpable. Lemme guess! The Twitter Files was a right wing thing too, right??

          Finally, there are clear statutes in both our laws, AS WELL AS IN THE MILITARY CODES OF CONDUCT AND OTHER RELATED DOCUMENTS WHERE THE MILITARY IS CONCERNED, which clearly states EVEN MILITARY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GIVEN INFORMED CONSENT. BUT WERENT! They were only coerced and/or threatened to get vaxed!! There’s also clear guidelines about vaccines, and EUA’s! WHICH THE MILITARY DID NOT FOLLOW AND DID, INDEED, BREAK THE DAMN LAW!!

          Now do yourself a favor and do some independent research. You look ridiculous and are making an ass out of yourself! You think 3500 peer reviewed medical studies, depicting the avenues by which the lipid nano particles and spike proteins, either produced by, or outright injected into the body, via the COVID vax, are causing illness/injury/DEATH, and the numerous organs and/or bodily systems that are effected, is enough? Are 3500 studies enough to convince you? There were 1500 in 22. By last year it grew to 3500. There’s probably more by now. They’re in every medical journal there is. GO EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

          You should vote for every last damn one of these good people who run for office!! THEYVE GOT YOUR INTERESTS IN MIND AND THEYRE THE KIND OF GOOD PEOPLE WE NEED IN OFFICE!

    • Hobnail John says:

      Well, little over 48 hours in now and the only thing close to a major news outlet that has picked up the story that I can find is Newsweek. Newsmax did an article on it, which is unsurprising, but they didn’t even bother to keep it on their front page for more than a day, and I don’t think at any point it was at the top of it. I am honestly surprised OAN hasn’t seemed to have even noticed. Not sure if that’s good evidence for the incompetence of OAN, or good evidence that this was even more of a wet fart than I thought it would be. There’s still time for that to change of course. But with the speed of the modern news cycle being what it is. I think the window has already come and gone for this one.

  21. Bridgette says:

    To all those who wish to help: thank you and please check militaryaccountability[dot]com (expected to launch tomorrow) to sign the petition.

  22. Lasse says:

    It’s weird to see a comment section on SSD with the majority of people using female names. That’s a new one for me.

    As a dumb European, can’t the US military mandate vaccines at all? Are the other 9+8 or so mandated vaccines also somehow a breach of the constitution?

    • SSD says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty odd. I’m monitoring.

    • SSD says:

      As for those vaccines, none are mandated under Emergency Use.

    • rodney says:

      Throughout history when the situation gets so dire that women start speaking out it is a sign that something will actually get done. When a wife tells her husband that their children have no future unless something is done the man does something. When the wife gives the nod, things get done.

    • ploughshare says:

      Tell us how deeply you Europeans rejoice when Americans tell them how to solve every one of their many problems. I think the main thing is that so many things about COVID don’t add up, a too-hastily fielded vax is the tip of the iceberg. Stick to the yoga clothing bro, you’re a natural. Namaste.

  23. Leroy McLafferty says:

    According to Military.com, active-duty military members are allowed to participate in political activities, including protests and rallies, as long as they do not violate the law, military orders or command directives 1. However, there are certain restrictions on political activity by DOD personnel, such as the Uniform Code of Military Justice prohibiting military personnel from using “contemptuous speech” against the President and other leaders, from engaging in “conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline in the Armed Forces,” and from “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman”

    While It is unclear whether signing a petition against military leaders would be considered a violation of any of these rules. It is best to consult with a legal expert or a military representative to get a more accurate answer.

  24. Nancy King says:

    Many candidates are frauds. How will we know the legitimate military person making a run for public office?
    To get this out, TCN (Tucker Carlson Network), Dan Bongino, plus more you’re aware of I’m sure.
    Collect funding?
    This truly gives me hope! Thank you!

  25. Bman says:

    The founders were against a standing federal army for more reasons than one and we like to ignore that piece of history. While warfare is so technical now that a standing army is always going to be the norm it doesn’t have to be monstrosity that the DoD has become and could probably keep us out of more entanglements. Those at the top of government have behaved like they are untouchable for too long and have proven they go either direction with the law and constitution when it suits them.

  26. Fembots Against Tyranny says:

    Good to see my fellow fembots coming forward, come, join Fembots Against Tyranny (FAT), we need more virtual women in our campaign.

    We do have real women in FAT too, lots of real FAT women are against the jab.

  27. Lad says:

    And these are the people who call others snowflakes?

    So let’s recap:
    – these people are terrible at risk management
    – these people are terrible at making ethical and moral judgements
    – these people have very strong confirmation bias

    Yeah, whoever signs that and supports that, I’m glad they’re out of the service and any other similar fields (EMS, LE and so on). They can go do whatever they want with their isolated homestead in deep Mississippi.

  28. Karl Dehm says:

    Please forward a method for adding my name to this process. I am USCG Ret. Also lost a state position for the same issue. I will support my military brothers and sisters until my oath no longer applies.

  29. Michele Baranowski says:

    It was illegal for the government to mandate covid shots for private public and government because they never went passed EUA status. Not a single person should have lost their job over an emergency status shot.

  30. Stephanie Poore says:

    There are no words for how greatful I am to men who will stand against tyranny and protect our freedoms and our children. What ever you need we are with you. Not only are we faced with medical tyranny but the separation of powers was violated with the White House gun grab set up they knew better.

  31. Ex11A says:

    This reads as if it were written by half-baked MAGA attorneys. People didn’t want to take the Anthrax shot either, and got kicked out of the military for it. Don’t want to take a vaccine? Get out. That is also your God given right. For those rushing to sign up or send money, have fun with that, it looks like half the posters on here lauding this “pronouncement” are bots.

  32. The U.S. Army was in control of giving out the Covid vaccination at the Syracuse Fairgrounds in New York . Being retired disabled veteran, the vaccine really got me so ill for two weeks and told I needed a second shot. Again, I was very sick for another two weeks. All disabled veterans should have been exempt due to their disabilities. Now, have endured so many ailments now. Vomiting up blood is not acceptable to us who all are disabled. I was told I had to have the vaccine to travel by air. I feel like my human rights were violated according with the U.S. government. People needs to be held accountable for their actions.

  33. Lynn Chagnon says:

    How do i sugn this petition?

  34. Priscilla Gray says:

    Constitutional rights must be respected or we have no nation to defend

  35. Trent Kerris says:

    Accountability WILL come. History will not remember the illegal actions of senior military and civil leadership kindly.

  36. Brian B says:

    I never saw a link to sign the declaration. The veterans I know myself included would’ve signed it.
    We discuss regularly the state of our military & country and can’t believe our politicians have allowed this to happen. I don’t blame today’s young men and women not wanting to serve.

  37. Joe Cardinal says:

    I am a Christian,Navy veteran and have been a very Strong supporter of our commander-in-chief, Donald J Trump, since he made the announcement to run as leader of our nation. it breaks my heart to see the treatment of this man who has been called by God, and answered the call. In addition the destruction of our nation. Period. I am an elderly man now, but still have the red, white and blue running through my veins. I pray for him and for this nation. God has to move and answer the prayers that are crying out for the salvation of this nation and The injustice and destruction of so many good people. I stand with you all and will sign this letter.
    With God‘s help, America will be saved.

  38. Kathy Dooley says:

    Please advise where we as civilians, though I am a parent of one who served and retired at 20 years, can go to sign the declaration? My heart aches at what has been done to our honorable men and women who fought that we might sleep peacefully every night; in fact for all that have endured this crime against humanity.

  39. Mary McGowan says:

    Where do you go to sign, please post.

    That being said, I can not believe all the far leftist comments and the amount of “sheep “ that are still here. You have eyes but refuse to see and ears but refuse to hear. The amount of evil and corruption that exist in all aspects of our lives is just unfathomable; however it is true without doubt! God bless our military who have fought and are fighting for the freedom of our country. For those who are still asleep, may God awaken you, help you to use your eyes and your ears! For those who are complicit in this evil, may God have mercy on your soul. God wins in the end! ??

  40. Mary McGowan says:

    Follow up to my comment, I did not post two ?? at the end of “God wins in the end”. It’s a fact, not a ? What the heck??

  41. Jude says:

    Petition can be found here: https://militaryaccountability.net/

  42. I swore an oath to the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic! The was no mention of donating my body and health to a bad science experiment and propaganda campaign!

  43. Specialist Woodard 19DD3 says:

    Against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

    E4 Mafia present and standing by.
    West Michigan AO is requesting logistical assets.

    Scouts Out!