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Pixels on Target Delivers VooDoo-MX and VooDoo-R to the Market

Pixels on Target LLC has brought two highly innovative thermal sights, the VooDoo-MX and the VooDoo-R, to the market.

These two systems were officially launched at SHOT Show 2023 and are now in full-rate production. Both products were developed around military requirements for increased accuracy and precision in target acquisition, identification, and engagement.

VooDoo-MX is a multi-mission uncooled thermal imaging sight designed and optimized for medium and long-range caliber weapons as a true in-line clip-on weapon sight for Sniper, MDR, and Crew-Served weapon platforms. VooDoo-MX provides end users with extended detection, recognition, and identification ranges, yielding combat-effective observation and engagement of targets at 1600 meters and beyond.

VooDoo-MX is built and fielded to support M240, M249, .338NM, M2HB/50 Cal, and Mk-19 variants. The integration of the Laser Range Finder (LRF) and Applied Ballistics Solver allows the end user to configure, store, and assign number weapon configuration withing the device and make/save changes as needed. VooDoo-MX provides superior performance on crew-served weapons.

VooDoo-R (Reconnaissance) is the first of its kind – a compact multi-mission uncooled thermal observation device with one-handed operation that fits into a double-mag pouch. VooDoo-R weighs less than 1.5 lbs. including integrated laser range finder. Ideal for recon and surveillance operations, with detection range of over 2000 meters (human targets).

VooDoo-R communicates with other devices to provide range and other target information. The integrated LRF can range targets at 2,500 meters (Typical), 5000 meters (Maximum).

VooDoo-MX and VooDoo-R is one of the 3 new products being launched by Pixels on Target. End user organizations will be available to test these systems at Pixels on Target’s Range Day 2024, which is not open to the public.

The VooDoo Family of Thermal Sights are Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) items that are simultaneously available to, Military, Law Enforcement, Security, and Precision Shooting customers. The VooDoo Family of Sights will be on display at the SHOT Show in Booth # 30103 with our distribution partner Noble, and at Booth # 6503 with TNVC.

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