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Introducing the Shikari – Series, New Untralight Abseiling and Climbing Gear, Jointly Developed by Edelrid and Lindnerhof

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (23 February 2024) – Lindnerhof-Taktik will introduce the Shikari – Series, ultralight abseiling and climbing gear, tomorrow.

This updated Series features an ultralight torso mount, consisting of an integrated or a quick-drop Chest Harness in combination with the Shikari Grid Harness, either with Cobra or Triple-Lock closure and optional leg loops. Developed for efficient on-rope operations, allows for quick mounting and detachment while being fully protected and free to move with unobstructed gear access.

Developed in collaboration with Edelrid, a leader in climbing gear, these products were engineered to change the experience of climbing and abseiling in the long term. The design is uncompromisingly focused on safety and comfort, allowing the users to tackle their mission.

The Shikari – Series contains the following products:

• Edelrid SE Shikari Grid with Cobra buckle

• Edelrid SE Shikari Grid with Triple Lock buckle

• Edelrid SE Shikari Grid Leg Loops

• Edelrid SE Quick-Drop (available soon)

• Edelrid SE Integrable

The main focus within the new series is on the Shikari Grid, either with Cobra- or Triple-Lock buckle closure. An ultralight, 2 in 1 Product – for one a warbelt that can be individually equipped with various kind of pouches by means of its MOLLE slots and also has the approval for a sit harness in conjunction with the leg loops.

Another Highlight is the Edelrid SE Quick-Drop, a chest harness, that can be easily attached to any existing plate carrier or protective vest by means of back-to-back Velcro tape, rubber bands or the LHT “Anbindungsschließe”. It offers ultralight and comfortable torso support with wide belay loop for efficient rope movement and fast descent with full protection and unrestricted access to equipment.

Learn more about the latest products from Lindnerhof Taktik today and enjoy the numerous features and the modern design.

One Response to “Introducing the Shikari – Series, New Untralight Abseiling and Climbing Gear, Jointly Developed by Edelrid and Lindnerhof”

  1. DTB says:

    Looks like these items meet EN standard, but not UIAA, which military mountaineering equipment is required to meet. That and the cobra buckle are a little worrisome in some military mountaineering aspects, particularly in shockload scenarios vs constant pressure loads