TIHK – New Escape Stick 3.0

This update to one of our staple product enables this super innovative tool to assist escape in the hairiest of situations. It includes a diamond rod saw (can cut metal, plastic, wood, and fibrous materials) – upgraded from thin metal saw and carbide coated steel road! As well as an integrated handcuff key at the end of the rod saw, utilizing the saw as the handle.

Both tools are hidden inside a rubber sleeve instead of the hard plastic handle of the V2.0 — for those that recall this was how the V1.0 was secured (but no diamond saw!).

Escape from double lock cuffs, zip-ties, duct tape, rope, packing tape and pretty much anything else!

Check out the Escape Stick 3.0 with its limited time pricing of $29 each.

2 Responses to “TIHK – New Escape Stick 3.0”

  1. Thomas Stickle says:

    How do you hide this thing?