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Delta Three Oscar Launches the World’s Most Advanced Ballistic Pad System

(Blacksburg, 03/14/2024) Delta Three Oscar, the ballistic division of D3O, the world’s leading impact protection company, proudly announces the launch of its ground- breaking Halo™ 7 Pad System. Designed to offer unparalleled lightweight comfort and protection, for military, law enforcement and first responders. The Halo™ 7 Pad System is the most technologically advanced and lightest helmet liner available.

At only 72 grams, the Halo™ 7 Pad System is the lightest in its class, weighing 30% less than any other 7-pad system on the market and 50% lighter than the previous Stealth™ 7 pad design. This reduction in weight not only enhances mobility but also minimizes fatigue and distraction during prolonged wear, allowing law enforcement and first responders to focus more effectively on their missions.

In addition to its lightweight design, the Halo™ 7 Pad System surpasses ACH helmet impact standards (AR/PD 10-02) by an impressive 33%. This means that wearers can trust that they are receiving maximum protection against blunt impact trauma, ensuring their safety in the most challenging environments.

The Halo™ 7 Pad System uses dual-density cushioning and impact-resistant layer construction, to provide unmatched comfort and protection. The inclusion of D3O® technology ensures consistent blunt impact performance from the first to the second impact, while also offering thermodynamic impact consistency – a market first for this application – for ultimate reliability in the field.

Available in both 7 and 9-pad configurations, the Halo™ system offers versatility to accommodate different helmet designs and wearer preferences. The removal of the central oblong pad in the 9-pad configuration allows for easy wearability of communication headsets, further enhancing operational effectiveness.

The Halo™ 7 Pad System is compatible with most Aramid and PE helmet shells, including ACH, LW-ACH, MICH, ECH, and LWH/PASGT types, ensuring seamless integration with existing gear.

Constructed with premium anti microbial treated, moisture-wicking MILSPEC fabrics, the Halo™ 7 Pad System prioritizes wearer comfort and hygiene, even during extended use in challenging environments.

“We have transferred the revolutionary technology in our Halo 3 liner, launched in 2023, to our Halo 7 and 9 pad design resulting in three choices for the lightest weight, highest performing, yet entirely comfortable helmet pad systems on the market” Todd Dunnagan, Director Global Defense Markets, Delta Three Oscar.

The Halo™ 7 Pad System is now available for purchase and distribution.

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