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Revival Defense Collaborates with Forward Controls and Rearden MFG on New Three-Prong Flash Hider & Suppressor Hub

3P Flash Hider:

You might already know about the “RF” series of muzzle devices that started as a collaboration between Forward Controls and Revival Defense. It was designed to be the most effective mounting solution for the ATLAS/Plan B suppressor system, which uses a short, lightweight threaded taper mount muzzle device. Revival Defense and Forward Controls Design have brought the “RF” series to completion with the 3P15 and 3P10 three-pronged flash hiders.

The RF (Revival Defense, Forward Controls) Muzzle Devices were developed to be compact yet effective muzzle devices. They also function as a durable and dependable suppressor mount without adding unnecessary weight or length to the front of your rifle. Our goal was to design a practical device for users who desire a high-performance standalone device that can securely hold their suppressor.

After extensive R&D, we’ve refined the 3P10 and 3P15 to the point where they match or exceed the flash mitigation performance of most similarly sized or larger flash hiders. A significant portion of our design process was dedicated to improving flash suppression, so releasing these devices took longer than the brake and A2-style RF muzzle devices. The 3P15 went through three revisions and the 3P10 through five before we were satisfied with their performance. Although the 3P15 is shorter and smaller in diameter than many or flash suppressors, the 3P15’s flash suppression performance competes with larger and longer flash suppressors.

Both the 3P15 and 3P10 do not produce a ‘ping’ noise when fired. The flutes on the exterior of the prongs have varying widths and depths, designed to reduce weight and give each prong a different mass to prevent them from behaving as a tuning fork. Our 3P muzzle devices are compatible with a standard armorer’s wrench and 3/4 wrench, with the wrench flats in the familiar location in the rear. This is beneficial for both installation or if a suppressor becomes seized on the rifle and additional leverage on the muzzle device is needed.

Atlas-R Hub:

The Atlas-R is a lightweight, low-profile silencer adapter that uses Revival Defense’s Patent-Pending Castle-Lock™ Design. It uses TDP Spec Castle Nut Notches, making installation and removal easy with common tools like an Armorer’s Wrench or castle-nut wrench. Once installed, the Atlas-R can accept our RF muzzle devices, Rearden, and other Plan B-compatible muzzle devices, forming a compact and lightweight suppressor mounting system. This suppressor mounting system uses a taper and threads for a reliable and repeatable seal without adding unnecessary weight or length. The taper requires about 20% more force to remove than to install.

The Castle-Lock™ system, currently patent-pending, uses a combination of TDP Spec Castle Nut Notches and four 1 5/16” wrench flats around the circumference. This gives users the ability to apply accurate torque values during installation and use common tools for installation and removal. We’ve also incorporated a flat section beneath each wrench flat, which allows for solid lockup when using a crescent or crowfoot wrench with the Atlas-R.

All Products Are Designed and Manufactured in the USA.


• Revival Defense: www.revivaldefense.com/3p10


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• Revival Defense: www.revivaldefense.com/3p15

• Rooftop Defense: www.rooftopdefense.com/product/revival-defense-forward-controls-3p15-5-56-plan-b-3-prong-flash-hider-1-2×28


• Forward Controls: www.forwardcontrolsdesign.com/atlas-r

• Revival Defense: www.revivaldefense.com/atlas-r

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