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Sneak Peek – DOG Leg from Shadow Tech

I ran into HOG Saddle during last week’s vendor day at the USASOC Sniper Competition. Coming soon from Shadow Tech, the Dual Optic Grabbing (DOG) Leg. This thing is ingenious.

Essentially, it’s an erector which allows you to use your NVGs in conjunction with magnified observation devices like a spotting scope. While the DOG Leg is Picatinny and ARCA Rail compatible on one end, the other has a dovetail mount for your NVG. This set up does not require attachment of the NVG directly to the spotting scope, so there’s no threading.

4 Responses to “Sneak Peek – DOG Leg from Shadow Tech”

  1. So he took a Manfrotto magic arm and put an arca rail adaptor on it?


    But…. why? Doesn’t someone already make an extended rail that you can put your nvg dovetail into?

    • beequiped says:

      R u pretending to not see it?
      The neat thing is that magic arm got a dovetail shoe for attaching your NVGs.
      Be it for use whoever likes it. I would rather opt for a magnetic coupling so one of the pods gets temporary aligned to the objective – therefor allowing the user to still keep it headmounted!

      Ps: Whoever is gonna do that due to me should be kind enough to gift me the product and mention my IP.

      • I mean I’ve got 3 magic arms that I use with photography and while they are great for lighting and putting bounces on things, I’m not sure this is an optimal solution for NVG coupling to a scope.

        I mean I guess it works if you are using dual tube nvgs and want to rig them up to your scope… but for the weight this arm adds?


  2. lpnam9114 says:

    That looks like an interesting concept, but I will not stand for such a professional slander of the art of twiddling my legs. I will have you know that me and my unit’s morale is reliant on how much kicking my feet while laying prone near or in a fighting position. SMH do better Shadow Tech!