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The Rescue Rod from Black Hills Designs

The Rescue Rod is a clamp for AK-style full length monolithic cleaning rods, that seamlessly intigrates onto a Picatinny rail; giving you the tools needed on the gun to clear a catastrophic malfunction.

It was a somewhat uncommon practice in Vietnam, particularly during the early fielding of the M16 to tape a cleaning rod along the triangular handguard to keep it handy to quickly clear a flash hider full of mud or dislodge a stuck case from the chamber in a firefight.


14 Responses to “The Rescue Rod from Black Hills Designs”

  1. Justin says:

    Why not just make it fit the standard collapsible M4 cleaning rod?

  2. JakeFSA says:

    Probably because taking the cleaning kit out and assembling the rod when your in a situation that you NEED to get your rifle back up immediately would be a bad thing.

    Not an endorsement of this item, just giving the logic behind its existence.

  3. Jon, OPT says:

    Taping cleaning rods to handguards was pretty common about 20+ years ago with people who used Sims. I’m not sure if that is still common practice with the improvements in that technology.

  4. DSM says:

    You see several pictures of SAS members back in the day with the cleaning rods taped to M16s. I think it’s a novel way of having something at the ready.

  5. jukk0u says:

    I realize it’s unrelated, but what’s the mount just ahead of the rescue rod?

  6. octactical says:

    For when you need to take a quick shot with a blank and cleaning rod at a howler monkey slinging poop at the patrol

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