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Two New Accessories for SIG SAUER P365-XMACRO from Radian Weapons

Radian Weapons has released three new accessories for the SIG SAUER P365-XMACRO.

The first two are a combination, the Backstrap and Magwell. They were designed in tandem were designed in tandem to provide users with a rock-solid and enhanced grip. They install using a precision machined dovetail interface with spring-loaded retention stud to lock the two components in place, with no screws to come loose or break.

The second item is a two-pack of TRU-17 Base Pads. It’s a direct replacement part compatible with P365- XMACRO magazines which allows users to easily load the full 17 rounds into the magazine. Additionally, it adds weight to the bottom of the magazine which aids in dropping empty magazines. A larger grip surface allows users to index spare magazines from holsters for quicker reloads while also being able to easily extract stuck magazines.

They also promise an Afterburner + Ramjet upgrade for the popular SIG pistol, coming soon.

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