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Exploring the Frontier of Rifle Optics: The Rise of MPVO

There’s a new term that is making waves: Medium Power Variable Optics (MPVO). This emerging concept is sparking lively debates and varied perspectives across the industry. Despite the diverse interpretations, one aspect of MPVO is universally acknowledged: it’s quickly becoming a hot topic in today’s optics market, adeptly filling the void left by LPVOs (Low Power Variable Optics).

As rifles evolve to be more mechanically precise and compact, the demand for equally advanced optics is undeniable. MPVO emerges as the ideal solution, seamlessly bridging the gap between the high magnification of traditional optics and the versatility of lower magnification LPVOs. Designed for rifles that deliver precision at extended ranges yet remain agile and easy to handle, MPVO is setting a new benchmark in optical engineering.

The Evolution of LPVO and the Emergence of MPVO

LPVO has become a familiar term in the firearms community, revolutionizing rifle optics with its ability to offer high magnification ratios stretching from 1x to 10x. This versatility has made it a favorite for both short and medium-range engagements, thanks to features like 30mm or 34mm tube sizes and the choice between SFP and FFP reticles has made the LPVO very versatile across many shooting applications. However, as the needs of shooters become more refined, the stage is set for the growth of MPVO optics.

What is MPVO?

MPVO, or Medium Power Variable Optics, represents a significant leap forward in optical technology. Defined as optics with a magnification range starting just above 1x and not exceeding 3x, MPVO sets a new benchmark for medium-powered scopes. This specification is particularly tailored to meet the needs of compact rifles, which demand the ability to engage targets accurately at extended distances without sacrificing the rifle’s maneuverability or adding unnecessary bulk.

MPVOs emerge as the ideal solution for shooters who find traditional high-magnification scopes too cumbersome and LPVOs (Low Power Variable Optics) insufficient in terms of reach. By filling this gap, MPVOs offer a versatile and agile option for modern rifles, ensuring precision and adaptability across a wide range of shooting scenarios.

Why MPVO is a Game-Changer

MPVO is leading the charge in optical innovation, crafted to surpass the limitations. MPVO optics are the answer to the compromises often faced with high power ratio LPVOs. These compromises typically involve a trade-off between optimizing for maximum magnification or maintaining effectiveness at 1x magnification.

For those who decide to run an MPVO optic but still need immediate close-quarters capabilities, the integration of a secondary optic becomes essential. The market is rich with options for pairing an offset optic, including the increasingly popular 45-degree mounted micro red dot sight.

ZeroTech’s Role in the MPVO Evolution

ZeroTech is crafting innovative optics that distinguish themselves in a crowded market. Our dedication to pushing the MPVO category forward reflects our deep understanding of its significance to today’s shooter. By focusing on the unique requirements of our customers, ZeroTech’s MPVO solutions are engineered to boost shooting precision, versatility, and performance.

MPVO revolution is well underway, promising to redefine the landscape of rifle optics for years to come.

About ZeroTech Optics

ZeroTech International is pioneering new grounds by developing cutting edge optical solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding users. This new direction is forging our path as one of the world’s leading optical manufacturers dedicated to providing hunters, shooters and outdoors enthusiasts with elite optical performance in all-weather scenarios. ZeroTech Optics prides itself on delivering our promise of unmatched user experience, unbeatable value for money and our dedicated customer centered focus supplying optics that meet and exceed our users’ expectations.

We have stamped ZeroTech’s mark on the world stage, born from a third-generation optical distributor and manufacturing family originating from the USA, specializing in performance optics tailored to the most demanding environments on earth. This experience has seen ZeroTech Optics tested from the vast arid floodplains of Australia and Africa, through to the treacherous snowcapped peaks of the southern fiords in New Zealand and delivering repeatable reliability in the last frontier, Alaska.

Founded in Australia in 2018, ZeroTech International Pty Ltd, a subsidiary company of the largest optical supplier in the southern hemisphere along with our in-house team of optical and engineers whom design, test and deliver products that are built to our highest Australian standards before exporting across the globe.

Wherever you are in the world, we have you covered.

ZeroTech. Be Confident.

Contact us: sales@zerotechoptics.com

You can visit the company website at: www.zerotechoptics.com

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12 Responses to “Exploring the Frontier of Rifle Optics: The Rise of MPVO”

  1. Zach says:

    What’s Zero Tech’s OEM? Why are they objectively better than any others in the same price band? Looks like the same copy paste from the “-on” optics (Riton, Arkon, Atlalon) with a new name.

    • admin says:

      Depends on the particular optic but LOW, Ltd does some of their stuff. Most people are worked up over brand names and don’t understand that the same few companies make all of the prescriptions. I appreciate that you do.

      • Zach says:

        I’m always amazed how few scope manufacturers or designers there are in the world…we could probably count them on one hand.

        It’s funny, because despite the different logos and reticles, there’s small thins that give them away. Identical set screw placement on turrets, identical (or nearly so) knurling, stacking of parallax knobs with illumination, etc.

        • Nautilus says:

          You want your illum stacked on windage or elevation? But I get you. Its the same. Because it is. Doesnt mean they couldnt share design elements.

          But the question of yours is kinda obsolete. Every 1-10 suxx. Ive seen them all (by important brands, not these low level OEM dropshipper).
          So, as soon as someone pulls of an advertiser with MPVO masterrace, not mentioning any spec sheets, not adressing my concerns with the optical performance, its a clear “red flag mania” and you know its just a nobody. Again.

          BTW: Some quality asian OEM have more interesting products than Nightforce, Steiner and S&B combined – by features and performance! Exp. in the LPVO section! Yeah, Im looking at you S&B 0.75-8 CC, or Nightforce ATACR 1-8…

  2. spess says:

    Back in my day we just called those rifle scopes.

    • Nautilus says:

      no. back in your day you simply didnt know better that multiple branches had more detailed designations for all kind of “scopes”.

  3. Pat says:

    Maybe they can teach the US Navy something about mounting optics

  4. Burdy says:

    No one…and I mean NO ONE, has gotten this category of optic right yet. Guess we will see.

    • Nautilus says:

      Most S-Tier Brands still struggle with 1-8.

      But when it comes to just ONE 1-10 that is not completly trash, I think I would go with IOR at the moment. It did not check all my boxes, but I think it was the best 1-10x I roughly remember out of my recent dry-handling trials in February.

    • Davy Crockett says:

      Aren’t 3-9 deer rifle scopes MPVO’s under this definition? They’re the most common scope.

  5. Manu says:

    What scope is shown in the picture? Its not on their website

  6. Adamn says:

    So all the big deal is about a scope with unknown specs? Guess this long text has been about a 3-24x with small front lens and generally small form factor… it makes sense for a DMR IMHO, but no biggie here… As for the company, I’ve seen major established manufacturers scopes fail miserably. On the other hand there are some small ones that made the cut and rose from unknown to decent like Primary Arms. It’s going to be a serious challenge for them to be one of those. We shall see.