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Sneak Peek – Black Hills Designs LBV

Black Hills Designs has offered us a sneak peek of their upcoming Load Bearing Vest which comes after three years of development.

PALS compatible, it’s built with the drone operator and other enablers in mind and retains the ability to carry a full size ruck with kidney belt, including internal and external frames.

Offering in MultiCam in the first round with Ranger Green coming next.

One Response to “Sneak Peek – Black Hills Designs LBV”

  1. NTX says:

    This is cool, there’s been a lot of decent LBV’s on coming out lately.

    It’ll be interesting to see what LBV’s are best suited to what roles.

    The Black Hills looks like it might sag a little near the back of the side panels if you’d put a load right there, due to the lack of stiffness/support, but it’s also unique in that you can wear packs with it without modification.

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