C&H Precision Releases New Line of Scope Tube Mounts for Red Dot

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. – April 18, 2024 – C&H Precision announces the release of a new line of scope tube mounts to allow the mounting of micro red dot optics to firearms outfitted with scope tubes.

The new mounting solutions are available for 30mm or 34mm scopes and are fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum. The mounts are machined for a smooth transitioning of optics to allow the user faster target acquisition without needing to adjust the zoom of the scope.

“C&H Precision is continually striving to innovate within our industry to make optics and mounting solutions easier and more accessible than ever,” said Tony Tetreau, marketing director of C&H Precision. “These new scope tube mounts will streamline the process of mounting your favorite pistol red dots to any 30mm or 34mm scope tubes that shooters may have on their firearms. This new line is the most recent installment in C&H’s venture to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for any gun enthusiast’s optics needs.”

This line includes mounting solutions that allow the user to mount pistol optics with RMR, RMSc and ACRO-XL footprints.

SKU / Description / MSRP

• 30MM-STM-RSH / 30MM RMR Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 34MM-STM-RSH / 34MM RMR Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 30MM-STM-HOLOk / 30MM RMSc Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 34MM-STM-HOLOk / 34MM RMSc Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 30MM-STM-ACRO-XL / 30MM ACRO XL Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 34MM-STM-ACRO-XL / 34MM ACRO XL Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

Additionally, the line has replacement screw kits, which include only the scope tube mount bottom and replacement screws.

SKU / Description / MSRP

• ACCS-RSK-30MM-STM-RSH / 30MM RMR Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-34MM-STM-RSH / 34MM RMR Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-30MM-STM-ACRO-XL / 30MM ACRO-XL Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-34MM-STM-ACRO-XL / 34MM ACRO-XL Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-30MM-STM-HOLOk / 30MM RMSc Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-34MM-STM-HOLOk / 34MM RMSc Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

The full line of scope tube mounts and replacement screw kits are available for purchase and shipping now. More information on this new line from C&H Precision is available here.

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