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MDM 24 – Polaris MRZR Alpha 6×6

The new MRZR Alpha 6×6 from Polaris is the coolest thing I’ve seen at Modern Day Marine. While it has participated in a few closed events like the recent USSOCOM Family of Special Operations Vehicles Rodeo, this is its first public appearance.

The concept demonstrator was created by adding a third axel using spare parts at the factory. They then ran it over 1,300 miles to prove the concoct would work. Initial demonstrations and evaluations in 2022 and early 2023 have taken place in the Southwest and Midwest of the US as well as at the National Automotive Test Center in Nevada.

Polaris has matured the design and are manufacturing additional tech demonstrators later this year. These additional trucks will be used to conduct vehicle-level performance testing to verify that engineering design and analysis was correct and the vehicle performs as expected.

In addition to being internally transportable via the V-22, CH-47 and CH-53, the MRZR Alpha 6×6 will maintain the top speed of the smaller variants.

The production version promises more than 90% common components with the base Alpha (with a different driveline and chassis), leveraging the same high-performance shocks, eight-speed transmission, suspension, and other components for maximum commonality between variants.

In addition to increased mobility, the new six wheeled model also offers increased load capacity. With a curb weight of 4,200 lbs, it can accept 3,600 lbs of cargo for a gross vehicle weight of 7,800. This is phenomenal compared to the standard MRZR Alpha which has a bed cargo limit of 600 lbs. Believe it to not, this increased capacity is achieved by adding that third axel which only makes the MRZR about 11″ longer than the standard model. The bed is now 84″ long instead of 50″. This also results in the maneuverability of the 2-seat version with the crawling capability of the 4-seat model. It also reportedly performs even better than the 4×4 in soft soil, mud, and bogs like those in Eastern Europe.

This increased space and cargo capacity along with a payload leveling suspension, open the MRZR up to a whole slew of new missions:

– Rockets & Missiles

– Mobile mortar systems

– Command and Control

– UAS/Drone launch





MRZR Alpha 6×6 vehicles have been delivered to PM-FOSOV and the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab for continued evaluation and experimentation. PM-FOSOV will use their vehicles to help inform future requirements. The MCWL is actively experimenting with implementing new capabilities using the platform in the areas of Logistics and Precision Fires.

One Response to “MDM 24 – Polaris MRZR Alpha 6×6”

  1. Jimbo says:

    Having used MRZRs for years in Afghanistan and Africa, I’ve always wished the company would put in a capability to strap a litter to the front and well as the back. Many times these are used for Base Security missions and moving casualties is a primary mission during bad situations.