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Bushido Tactical – Jimmy Pry Tool with Hinge Pin Punch

Bushido Tactical’s new Jimmy Pry Tool with a hinge pin punch build inside the handle.

Great for removing pull doors and prying doors when pins are removed. Also good for gapping doors.

Limited stock from their first production run so get them while they are hot off the press.

Manufactured from 4140 quenched and tempered round bar steel with a slim profile design.


3 Responses to “Bushido Tactical – Jimmy Pry Tool with Hinge Pin Punch”

  1. Sunny says:

    Because security doors always have the pin facing the outside…lol…

    • James says:

      You would be surprised- fire codes quite often require outward opening doors for marked fire exits and evacuation routes. Pretty standard for firefighters to carry a spring punch for pins and car windows in their Bunker Coat pocket

  2. Steve V says:

    I dunno, but on the occasions I’ve had to remove the door hinge pins from the doors on my house, more often than not I was whacking those SOBs with a hammer, not lightly tapping them out.