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OR Summer Market – Adventure Medical Kits

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

While Adventure Medical Kits has several new items geared specifically toward our four legged friends.


The Adventure Dog Series will premier 3 kits in Fall 2015: the Heeler, Trail Dog and Me & My Dog kits. All are packed with items chosen and packaged to care for your K9, but the Me & My Dog Kit also offers medical gear for you the handler as well.

In Fall 2015, AMK will introduce the Workin’ Dog Kit which is intended specifically for working dogs.


Adventure Medical Kits – SOL Escape OD Green Bivvy

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Bivvy packaging

Adventure Medical Kit’s SOL Escape Bivvy is made from a proprietary water-resistant fabric with excellent breathability – it allows moisture to escape while keeping rain, snow, and wind out, and it reflects 70% of radiated body heat. The fabric is also puncture and tear resistant.

Bivvy extended

The low-visibility OD green is a great option for when you want to blend into your environment.


AMK Introduces New Survival Bivies

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Adventure Med Kits

Adventure Medical Kits has released the Thermo-Lite® 2 Bivvy and Heatsheets® Emergency Bivvy (sic). “When you’re in the outdoors, you have to remember that you’re playing by nature’s rules,” says AMK’s marketing director Frank Meyer. “Whether it’s a hurricane, snowstorm or an avalanche, you have to be prepared that things can and will go wrong and that, when they do, help may be hours or even days away.” “Having a contingency plan for the outdoors,” Meyer added, “and the right gear, like the items contained in AMK’s Essentials line, is a away for our customers to prepare now to survive later.”

AMK Bivy Stuff Sack

The Thermo-Lite® 2 Bivvy
AMK’s best-selling survival item of the last few years has been improved by making it 1.5 oz. lighter and 30% stronger than the material used in the original. The bivvy sack is a light-weight replacement for a sleeping bag, when nighttime temperatures are 50° F or higher or as an emergency survival bivvy for wintertime activities. The new bivvy features the stronger Thermo-Lite® 2 material on the bottom to withstand rocky terrain and hard-packed snow conditions. It is easily repaired with duct tape should it ever sustain a tear. The 6.5 oz. Thermo-Lite® 2 Bivvy’s design retains 80% body heat and can be opened at top, bottom and side to allow moisture and heat to escape.

AMK Thermo 2 Bivvy

NEW! Heatsheets® Emergency Bivvy
Weighing in at a meager 3.5 ounces, the Heatsheets® Emergency Bivvy is now available with an ultralight stuff sack, allowing for repeat use. It is made from a newly developed polyethylene material that is vacuum-metalicized to reflect back 90% body heat. Also in the Heatsheets® line, AMK has added the Heatsheets® Emergency Blanket. The compact 2.5 oz. Blanket is quiet, durable and easy to fold out and fold up, even when you’re wearing gloves; suitable for one person, the Emergency Blanket can also be used as a temporary shelter during inclement weather. Featuring a bright orange color, the Blanket is 20% larger than many other survival blankets and comes with survival and first aid instructions printed in English and French on the back.

To order contact Adventure Medical Kits.

Images courtesy of Adventure Medical Kits.