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Böker / American Kami Colubris Now Available

Thursday, September 12th, 2013


The Böker manufactured version of the American Kami Colubris is now available. Quantities are currently limited, although the supply should open up over the next several months. The blade on the Böker version is 440C vs the CPM S35VN of the original, each blade is individually numbered, and they come with a Kydex sheath.

To celebrate, American Kami is running a pass-around and giveaway for the new knife. To sign up:

1) Got to the American Kami Facebook page and “like.”

2) Message American Kami saying that you’d like to participate in the pass-around. You’ll be added to the list.

3) When you receive the knife, use it and carry it (use common sense please).

4) You will have seven days to evaluate the knife.

5) Write a quick review of your experiences with the knife. What you used if for, how you felt about it, etc. Reviews must include at least one picture.

6) Post your review and notify American Kami that you’ve done so with a link to it.

7) American Kami will give you the address of the next person in the queue.

8) You ship the knife to that person USPS priority insured.

9) If, when you receive the knife, it requires sharpening, notify American Kami and you will be provided with further instructions based on the situation.

10) When we have worked our way to the end of the pass-around list, American Kami will put a screaming sharp edge on the knife, and will hold a random drawing. Everyone who participated in the pass-around and posted a review with at least one picture will have a chance to win the knife, along with some other really cool swag.

American Kami THE SHIIT BAG

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

DJ at American Kami has been working on THE SHIIT (Situational Heavyduty Idiots Implement Technical) BAG for quite awhile now. He’s a knife maker and not a nylon guy but he set out to design one hell of a bag. And he’s succeeded.

Right up front you have to put a few things into perspective.

1. American Kami’s THE SHIIT BAG is not for everyone.
2. American Kami’s THE SHIIT BAG is a very specialized piece of kit.
3. American Kami’s THE SHIIT BAG is built in limited runs.
4. American Kami’s THE SHIIT BAG is Made in USA.

All of this adds up to an expensive bag.

This thing is so packed with features that the only way to really learn about it is via video.

Here’s the timeline:

1. Order books close next Tuesday, 10 September, at 11.59PM CST. I will require all payments to be processed by then.
2. Wednesday morning, I submit the final count to the vendor and they start rocking out the production.
3. 8-10 weeks later, finished bags arrive here.
4. I pay the vendor.
5. I do a complete individual QC check on each bag setup, pack, and ship.
6. Your bag arrives.
7. We all do our happy dance.

The complete kit comes with:

1. The bag.
2. The strap.
3. The strap pad.
4. The flap.
5. Two tear out dividers with internal, top loading, Velcro closure pockets.
6. Ten single sided Velcro MOLLE/PALS Ripstrips.
7. Five double sided Velcro MOLLE/PALS Ripstrips.
8. The MBS holster.

Total price per kit is $624 plus USPS priority insured shipping.

Kits are only available in coyote at this time.

If you’re interested contact However, I suggest you check for specific instructions.

American Kami Maniaxe Options – UPDATED

Monday, June 3rd, 2013


We took this photo of several versions of the American Kami Maniaxe which is the world’s first completely modular axe system consisting of Four handles and Fifteen heads. Totally interchangeable and user configurable to suit whatever mission profile life might throw at you.

Updated – This one is mine. It’s not a chisel grind.


Blade Show – Böker / American Kami

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

American Kami is collaborating with German manufacturer Böker to offer the Standard Colubris commercially.


The knife on the top is the Böker model and the lower one is the original from American Kami.

This is a great move that means that the Colubris design will always be available and at an affordable price. Granted, it’s a production knife, but much remains the same including the overall dimensions and design as well as the same G10 handles. They’ve moved to a 440C blade but its still designed for use with a Filipino Martial Arts grip.

Look for these to hit the market in about 4 weeks from

Blade Show – American Kami

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Over the past few months I’ve been showing you sneak peeks of the Colubris family. Named after the Humminbird, it is a well balanced general purpose combat knife.


Here is the last finished model available in the batch that D.J. Brought to Blade Show. Most were gone the first day. Th Super Colubris offers the same ergonomics as the original Colubris but with a slightly longer blade. The 6″ blade is crafted from CPM S35VN and features a tumble over heat treat finish. This model offers a modified droptip but is also available with a Harpoon Recurve and Harpoon Tanto blade.

All Colubris models feature an interesting sheath that is intended to be worn IWB and tethered to the belt or attached via the grommets to your kit.

Sneak Peek – American Kami Super Colubris

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013


In case you wanted to know what they would look like when finished, this is an update to the American Kami Super Colubris, made from CPM S35VN steel with 10.5” OAL with 6” of blade.


Sneak Peek – American Kami’s Next Project

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013


This picture was taken immediately after machining of the new Super Colubris. The harpoon tanto and recurve don’t have names yet.

Steel on these is CPM S35VN. The Super Colubris is around 10.5” OAL with 6” of blade. Harpoon tanto and recurve are each around 10” with 5” of blade.

These should be going off to Heat Treat next week along with the next batch of Maniaxe heads. Can’t wait to see the finished items.

The American Kami Maniaxe

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

DJ Urbanovsky of American Kami Custom Blades discusses his latest creation, the Maniaxe.

This is the world’s first completely modular axe system consisting of Four handles and Fifteen heads. Totally interchangeable and user configurable to suit whatever mission profile life might throw at you.